Over the past year, we’ve found and shared some of the hottest new talent on the web. From Awkward Black Girl and 12 Steps to Recovery to HR The Series and Brothers With No Game, web series have seemed to explode as more young folks of color have taken to the Internet to write, produce, and star in their own creations — network TV be damned!

This week has been an especially busy one on the web series circuit, and instead of bombarding you with a new video every day, I decided to make it easy and give you a triple feature.

So sit back, relax, and check out the latest from some of our favorite shows, The Couple, The Unwritten Rules, and the UK hit, Venus vs. Mars.


The Unwritten Rules

Racey is back on the job, the lone black woman in a sea of white co-workers. While her transition to her new gig has been a little rocky so far, we ain’t seen nothing yet. This episode turns to the topic of hair, and you can only imagine how this will go.

Up next, Venus vs. Mars

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  • Netta

    omg…is the girl from “The Couple” really that annoying or is she just written that way?!

    • kc

      Yes! The girl from The Couple makes the show borderline unwatchable. Ugh!

  • Jazelle

    Hands down, unwritten rules was the only one I could watch in it’s entirety.

  • Terri

    I don’t mean no harm but if I was him I would punch her right in her forehead. The fact that she felt like she was going to automatically share the macaroni and cheese was a no no.

  • Me

    Ok. So… I do like to do the “let’s order different things that we both wanna share” thing, BUT when he says “nah, get what you want” that means no touching! I actually had one of those moments a couple weeks ago–“so you can’t split the Ackee with me for real???”–he was hungry, so that was a NO. She was wrong, but I did LOL.