Black women and our bodies are often dissected and on display, but rarely do we see our bodies — no matter the shape — celebrated for their strength and beauty.

Enter the Black Venus Project, a blog and now book project by Eastern European-born, North Carolina-based photog Maxim Vakhovskiy. While Vakhovskiy photographs a variety of subjects, he is particularly interested in capturing what he calls “the Black Venuses of the World.”

Although most of the images in the Black Venus Project are women in the nude, they are all so strikingly beautiful you can’t help but admire them.


One of our favorite blogs, IAMtheNUBlack will be interviewing Vakhovskiy about his work and why he chose to focus on black women. Gabrielle Smith, the blog’s owner, is accepting questions from black women about Vakhovskiy’s Black Venus Project, so if you’d like to ask him a question visit IAmtheNuBlack.

To read more about the Black Venus Project and see more of Vakhovskiy’s images, visit his tumblr page.

What do you think of the Black Venus Project? 

*Photos via Maxim Vakhovskiy

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