Humidity is every woman’s nemesis. There isn’t a lady on this earth who hasn’t had a perfect hairstyle ruined by sweltering heat or an impromptu rain shower. Luckily, when your hair products aren’t cutting it, there are a few unconventional ways to combat this very familiar enemy.


1. Flat, room-temperature beer.

Use this trick as a pre-conditioning technique. Work the beer into freshly shampooed hair and follow by a rinse with cool. Beer is said to contain vitamin B and sweeteners that act as nature’s answer to setting lotion. In turn, the hair gets a boost of volume, shine and hold.

2. Gelatin.

Don’t have any beer? No problem. Mix a packet of unflavored gelatin powder with one cup of water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Work the mixture into freshly shampooed hair and rinse with cool water

3. Hello hydration.

Frizz is caused by dry hair, which acts as a sponge in moisture-heavy air. Another way to battle the frizzies is to leave that conditioner in for an extra five minutes, so the hair has time to be moisturized and smoothed.


1. Dryer sheets.

Keeping one or two in your purse couldn’t hurt for quick touch-ups. Make sure to press lightly against the hair and smooth in a downward motion. Not only will your hair and purse smell fabulous, but the convenience and quick efficiency speaks for itself.

2. Just say NO…to alcohol.

It’s your best bet to stay away from styling products, especially hair sprays, that contain alcohol. As everyone knows, it tends to dry out the hair, causing the hair cuticle to swell and transform your hair into the likeness of a bird’s nest.

By trying these suggestions, you’ll soon be ready to go out and show off your perfectly coiffed, frizz-free hair. Good luck!

-Nadiah Rodriguez



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  • tallulah belle

    Umm… I guarantee that if you have natural kinks, curls or spiral, absolutely NONE of these “tricks” will work to prevent frizz, shrinkage or swelling. My spirals swell and shrink up so tiny uagainst my head in the humidity that there is nothing I can do except pull it back; and even then it fights the elastic band…

  • shadow

    Following techniques I got from Lorraine Massey’s, Curly Girl, the Handbook and watching you tube video’s especially Mahogany Curls has helped me combat humidity, frizz, and just learning how to take care of my hair overall.

  • Laina

    My hair is going to change due to humdity. I am not going to spend time or money with different potions trying to prevent it from doing what is only natural. So I guess natural hair is great as long as it does not frizz.