Although it has gained popularity and has worked its way into conversations and pop culture as of late, for many segments of the population oral sex is still taboo.

While many woman loooooove to be on the receiving end, orally pleasing their partner is another animal. Too often women shy away from talking about the ins and outs of giving and getting, but Clutchette Arielle Loren and her magazine CORSET are approaching the issue head-on.

The latest issue of CORSET is all about oral pleasure. From reading erotica and talking dirty, to hipping folks to the history of oral sex and tips for giving “toe curling” head, Loren and her mag has you covered.

Flipping through the pages of CORSET made me confront my uptightness around oral. Although I’m a fan of men who give, returning the favor does little to excite me.

But how about you? Are you a giver? Do you love pleasing your partner? Check out the latest issue of CORSET and share your thoughts!  

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  • tonisha

    i guess if your relationship is solely based off of oral transactions then there wouldnt be much else..pretty sad that thats it because hes probably going to get it from somewhere else anyways as well as from you

  • tonisha

    i guess if thats what your relationship is solely based on there wouldn’t be much else would there? pretty sad though hes more than likely going to get it from somewhere else also unless you think men are not going to go find another woman to give them sex or oral sex if thats the case then thats pretty small thinking. i have nothing against oral what i do have something against is when women stupidly think men are going to stay with you because your doing something TONS of other women would want to do also whats so enticing about giving oral to your man thinking he wont go out and get it from another woman who would do the exact same thing HELLO QUANTITY OVER QUALITY. thats been proven

  • StacyAustralia

    I don’t have a problem with it. As some of the other ladies mentioned, it gives me a sense of power and control. Its amazing to see a big burly dude becoming weak at the feel of my touch. It turns me on and the more he react the more I give.
    I actually prefer giving over recieving.

    I have some friends who doesn’t do it at all. Once she told me “During sex I don’t do anything but lay there; i don’t suck, kiss, ride, doggy style, I just lay. When I cum I just roll over”
    I gave her the longest *side eye*