Eleanor Roosevelt once famously advised, “Do something every day that scares you.” It’s since become a pretty popular aphorism. But is it one that we live?

In this day and age, many Americans are interested in earning and maintaining a “comfortable” life, chock full of the material trappings designed to help us rest on our laurels. We work so that we can eventually prop our feet up on an Ethan Allen ottoman or recliner and sigh relief at the realization that we owe no debts. For some, this is a lifelong pursuit, and the goal of a debt-free live is one we chase all the way to the grave. For others, it’s a pretty easy end to reach, since our lucrative post-grad positions have afforded us enough income to purchase the things we desire, free and clear.

Regardless of your lot in life, risk is absolutely necessary. It’s what keeps comfortable existences from becoming complacent ones. There should always be a different goal to achieve, a different fear to conquer, some new anxiety to quell, some new relationship to begin or end. Comfort shouldn’t be our life’s legacy; fearlessness should.

Dr. Patrick McGrath wrote the following on the subject of facing fears daily:

Working through stressful events is a difficult challenge. It means that you will have to be uncomfortable. Now, this does not sound fun, I realize, but in order to really overcome stressors, we need to learn that we can handle the discomfort that we experience when confronting that stressor. Once we learn that we can handle the stressor, then we will not be bothered by it anymore.

What are you doing today to ensure that your life will be less stressful, less comfortable, and less fearful tomorrow? 

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