Marvel’s Black Panther (aka T’Challa) and X-Men’s Storm (aka Ororo Munroe) have been married since 2006. They wed in Black Panther #18 and have remained the only black married couple in the Marvel Universe. Until now. In a new issue of Avengers vs. X-Men, Black Panther dumps Storm in the coldest, most public way possible: during a battle she showed up (too late for his liking) to help him fight:
The writers may have decided on an “annulment” for the couple in response to fans’ disappointment with their storyline. Some argued that it was rushed and “unearned,” since there wasn’t any real courtship and it seemed that they were just being thrown together because both were high-profile black characters. If their relationship has been a point of contention with readers, that’s nothing compared to what goes on inside the pages of comics. Apparently, in an issue that featured the couple as married, Black Panther assaulted Storm in a fight scene.

Black Panther and Storm’s marriage was not without its supporters. A commenter at Shadow and Act claimed, “They couldn’t handle it that THE hottest & most powerful Black woman in the comic book world actually married a brotha.” Others in the comment section there are also lamenting the hasty split. But it would appear that there might be an off-page political reason for the sudden annulment.

For more than a year, Marvel Studios has been hinting at a possible Black Panther film (Chiwetel Ejiofor is a fan favorite to play the role). While Marvel Studios owns the rights to the character, Storm remains the property of 20th Century Fox. If the film goes forward, the Black Panther’s marriage to Storm couldn’t be featured. While this is positive news for Black Panther fans, it sucks for supporters of the T’Challa/Storm pairing and those who would’ve loved to have seen Storm recast and rebooted.

Are you a follower of comic book lore? Did you know Black Panther and Storm were an item? What do you think is really behind their sudden break-up?
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  • Natalie

    As much as I hate the way they split, I’m glad it happen. Although they had a brief past when they were younger, there was nothing in ANY marvel verse that indicated they had a relationship that would lead to marriage… If there was, then the marriage would have been much more appreciated, in my eyes. But pairing off a couple jus because they’re black, was a slap in the face to the comic book fans in my opinion. I’m a bigger fan of Storm, than I am BP, and they are great characters… But this whole marriage shouldn’t have went down in the first place. Or they should at least build up too it.

  • Mr Jay

    Poor execution but they were a prefect couple–but she was a crappy wife.

  • Mina

    I think Storm should marry Thor. Thunder God and Goddess of Weather. That would be dope!!!!

  • Vasqueezy

    I’ve heard nothing but praise for the marriage between Black Panther and Storm. And I considered it a natural and smart pairing of characters in terms of story design while the pairing retained–in some instances enhanced–the nobility the characters deserved. In deciding to annul his marriage to Storm, he acted completely in character as Black Panther is a king, first, and husband, second; Storm understood (or T’Challa thought) her role as Queen, which meant following T’Challa’s lead, particularly in times of national crises. Storm choose to disregard her primary responsibility as Queen and proved herself unworthy to serve as Queen of Wakanda. Wakanda’s place as one of the most technologically and spiritually advanced country on earth–since the beginning of mankind–was due to its unique monopoly over vibranium, its gift of wisdom and knowledge by the goddess Bast and due to never having been conquered and exploited by a foreign power. Namor was the first to destroy Wakanda, an honorary distinction for Namor considering his arrogance, but this act threatened to destroy the symbolic and material primacy of Wakanda in the eyes of the world. Wakanda (and it’s African people) was a city that showed the world what humanity can and should be, a beacon of intellectual and spiritual progress for the rest of the humanity. Why do you think the Watcher was present at the wedding? Storm did not understand how important being the Queen of Wakanda truly is to the Wakandan legacy and to her King, T’Challa. Black Panther made the right decision, as a man and king. You can’t turn a “ho” into a housewife. Unless, of course, that “ho” reflects deeply about her indescretions, makes the right choices and never, ever crosses the line again.

    • if you’ve heard nothing but praise you’ve heard very few opinions

  • Jack

    They were thrown together as a marketing ploy (as marvel admitted at the time) to get black readers. In fact they had to retcon a history for them. They then spent most of their marriage having nothing to do with each other. Outside of a brief stay with the Fantastic Four, it was possible to read comics either of them was in and have no idea they were married. And honestly in the few cases they showed up together Storm’s character was butchered to play off what the wife of the black panther should be like, not what storm would have done.

    And clearly they were split up by editorial mandate, just as they were brought together by one. I mean the way they did it was sudden, instant, and cold….but so was the decision to marry them. The marriage seems to have ended the same way it began.

    And just look at what led up to it. Storm was an avenger for all of 5 minutes, then abandoned the team by walking out of a briefing mid-way through because she couldnt support them anymore. She made no attempt to tell her husband either…who on his end seemed remarkably unconcerned with the fact she vanished. Thats the kind of “marriage ” they had. Ignored except when the writers felt like mentioning it every couple of years.

    And I for one am glad its over, it just means marvel finally corrected one of their biggest mistakes in recent memory. (

    And who knows, maybe they can have storm finally get together with Wolverine like they have been hinting at for decades…