Our pervasive celebrity culture, combined with the anonymity of the online community, seems to be a recipe for disaster. Commenters publicly berate celebrities with no pushback or filter, and such criticism even extends to their children.

We examined online backlash surrounding a picture of 6 month-old Blue Ivy, daughter to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Tia Mowry faced similar judgment about her son, Cree. In response to the hurtful comments, Tia posted on her Facebook page: “It’s disgusting that some focus on looks. I brought a beautiful child into this world.”

Demetria Lucas addresses baby criticism on Essence.com, in her article “Real Talk: Do You Criticize Celebrity Kids?”:

He’s a baby, which means he’s off limits. I know celebs willingly step into the spotlight, and unfortunately personal attacks against them have become par for the course. But their kids don’t ask for that criticism. […] there’s no way around it: It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong.

She suggests we enact the “Apollo Kids Rule” when addressing celebrity children, and I have to agree. You don’t have to like every child’s appearance but it seems particularly heartless and cruel to attack them, especially on a public platform.

It’s true that in many cases, celebrities make the decision to share their children with the public, knowing they could be criticized. But that doesn’t mean we should eschew tact and social responsibility when talking about somebody’s kids.

What are your thoughts on criticizing celebrity kids online, Clutchettes?

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  • Barbara

    But ummm he is ugly *SHRUGS* Not all babies are aesthetically pleasing and that’s okay! Like she said,”Looks are not everything”, no need to whine about people calling her ugly bay ugly, he’s healthy and that’s all that matters.

  • Blasè

    it bothers me just how people are mean. all just to feel better about their own little lives. how can you attack a baby’s looks? sick people have to stoop this low – they’re even lower than low.

    i just think we also need to protect our babies and not expose them to this.

  • Black China Doll

    People have always expressed their opinion on whether a child is cute or not since the beginning of time. In this day of time, expressions are made on the internet, which unfortunately are permanent. I believe that if a celebrity does not wish to have their children commented on by the public, then keep them out of the public eye. Yes, it is unkind to dis a child, but it is what it is. Search engine results can have harmful affects on ones life. She should be concerned about protecting her child’s online reputation. And, insuring his story, is his story

  • Mina

    I always thought her baby was autistic or maybe special. Idk if Cree is or not, but even if a baby was special or had a mental disability, I don’t think that’s any reason to call a baby ugly.

    • I think it is just the baby’s forehead…

    • tee

      LOL! You guys are just wrong.

  • Is this a doctored photo? :( Good lord…