Fight For Your Edges


People react in horror to Naomi Campbell’s edges, but so many women deal with thinning edges away from the critical eye of the media. When edges start to thin, women may resort to more weaves and wigs to hide their receding hairline out of frustration and embarrassment.

It’s important that black women address the problem head-on and are proactive about a solution so edges don’t continue to thin.

Here are only a few ways you can fight for your edges:

-Put castor oil on your scalp to encourage growth.

-Avoid putting tension on the hair with heavy braids or tightly sewn-weaves.

-Stop using a searing flat iron to straighten edges as strands become even weaker due to heat damage.

-Sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear a satin scarf as cotton promotes friction and breaking.

You can also try these products to combat thinning edges.

What are some ways you fight for your edges, Clutchettes?


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