Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion

On Monday, the folks over at VH1 aired part one of the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, reunion. And in between the ratchetness and the wrap-up of the season’s drama, one thing stood out to me: K. Michelle’s preoccupation with Karlie Redd’s age.

Almost as soon as the two women sat on the stage, K. Michelle began throwing daggers at Karlie, taunting her about her looks and calling on Karlie to reveal her age to the crowd, as if it was any of our business.

At one point in the show, K. Michelle said her rival “marched with Martin Luther King back in 1968” and was one of those “old ass Harriet Tubman bitches,” to which the audience roundly applauded.

Now…I don’t know about you, but using Mother Moses as a diss to another black woman is both disrespectful to her legacy and just plain dumb (Denene Millner does a better job breaking down why).

Whether Karlie Redd is pushing 40 or not, it is her business. And if K. Michelle makes it to that milestone she will understand just how silly and childish her 26-year-old self sounded.

Almost from the time we are born, the media tells women that aging is bad. We’re sold anti-wrinkle creams in our teen years, taught that being young, fresh, and beautiful is the ideal, and have seen how older women are often times minimized and pushed to the side because they look “old.” While many women have refused to buy into these cultural cues, others, like K. Michelle, use them as jabs to cut down other women.

It’s clear that the two women do not like each other, and instead of simply getting to the root of why, K. Michelle decided to attack Karlie on the things women are always attacked on: appearance and age.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not K. Michelle’s obsession with age will change as she gets older, or if she’ll be lining up at the nearest plastic surgeon to stop the inevitable march of time.

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