There are few women of color who didn’t see Chris Rock’s interview on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where he felt Oprah Winfrey’s scalp for tracks. (There were none). And when her hairstylist, Andre Walker, made some off-color comments about “Type 4 hair,” many were up in arms. Needless to say, when Oprah talks hair, women listen.

The fact that the September issue of O: The Oprah Magazine shows Ms. Winfrey rocking a textured voluminous ‘fro is a truly big deal. It’s similar to the way commenters reacted when they saw a (doctored) photograph of Michelle Obama wearing a natural. When a public figure of that stature embraces textured hair, it tells the world what we already know: natural is beautiful.

Oprah’s ‘do (which could very well be a braid-out of relaxed hair) will surely elicit wonder and possibly admiration from her base of non-black readers. It might also encourage a young woman to embrace her own texture despite natural hair naysayers.

If it does none of these things, it is, at best, a landmark for Oprah who built her brand with straight locks, sometimes long, sometimes short. And a radiant, beautiful cover.

Inside, Oprah talks about her personal journey with hair, saying she wears her strands curly on weekends and loves to experiment with varied looks. She recalls a time when she wanted to cut her hair completely off even: “I wanted to wear it close-cropped, à la Camille Cosby, but her husband Bill convinced me otherwise. ‘Don’t do it,’ he said. ‘You’ve got the wrong head shape and you’ll disappoint yourself.’ I took his advice.”

What do you think of Oprah’s hairstyle on the September issue of O: The Oprah Magazine, Clutchettes?


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  • Ms. Information

    From my understanding, Oprah does not have a perm….it is cool that she did a cover like this…don’t know how much her white audience will understand or appreciate it, but I do.

  • Hehe

    Oprah has a relaxer. Her final season of her show there was a behind the scenes look at her getting a relaxer touch-up. Oprah has great hair.

    • Jewel

      Exactly. She does/did use Phyto relaxer because it’s like no other relaxer.However, she may not use one year-round.

  • Amber

    If she does have a relaxer its not a very strong one. Her hair is always mighty thick and luscious.

  • CurlySue

    That woman has an incredible head of hair. It’s so versatile and healthy looking!

  • Heide

    So when she goes back to her straight permed look is that going to get a post as well. Or when she puts her weave back in is that going to get a post also. And yes I saw the same episode as Hehe when she was getting a perm. I swear this is the most annoying topic ever. Most of us have all been natural at some point. I don’t see what’s so epic about it. I mean do we really need validation from Oprah or any other celebrity to wear our hair natural or any other way. I just don’t get it. You wanna go natural cool, you don’t cool. But gracious this is getting ridiculous. She has beautiful thick hair however she wears it.

    • Sweetles

      If the topic annoys you so much, why did you take the time to click on the article and then comment on it? Some women enjoy discussing hair, why is that ridiculous? If you don’t like to talk about hair then stay quiet on the subject, and don’t read the articles on it.

    • JC

      I agree with the original poster. If you want to go natural cool, if not that’s fine too. The insinuation that you are somehow brainwashed by European standards of beauty of you choose to relax your hair irks me! Oprah has beautiful hair. When is straightened tomorrow it will still be beautiful hair.

    • This topic is epic because, so many black women seem to be required to have european-looking hair to be viewed as “professional” in the workforce. And, to those to didn’t have to…consider yourselves blessed…not every black woman has the opportunity that you had…

    • ShellB

      I so agree with you. I’d be interested to know the upbringing of some who find this epic. I grew up in DC, what used to be called the chocolate city,so,seeing different types and styles of hair on Black women is not foreign to me. I think Oprah’s hair is beautiful because she has beautiful hair.