Kim Williams and her crew are back with yet another episode of the hilarious work-place web series, The Unwritten Rules.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, the series follows Racey as she navigates the tricky world of being one of the few black women on the job. So far, she’s had to contend with her coworker’s ignorance about her hair, her food choices, and her penchant for privacy.

But will things change when Racey heads downstairs to have lunch with some of her black coworkers?

Watch to find out what happens.

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  • A. M.


  • A lil too hamfisted for me.

    • I CAN’T

      hamfisted? really? LOL

    • Gigi Young

      True, but I still laugh. I think this will blow up once it becomes less general/generic and more specific to this one black female character, as opposed to be a sort of character archetype.

  • I CAN’T

    Why does this feel so much like Awkward Black Girl?

    • I CAN’T

      I AM SO MAD!!!! LMAO though!!! It’s kinda the same as ABG. I can’t lie, it’s just as funny. LOL

    • kc

      It’s just as funny? You must be watching a different video. The acting in this is so stiff. The storyline is cliche. Unwritten Rules has none of Issa Rae’s bite, comedic timing, or wit.

    • not even close

  • Hahahaha. Awesome.