I’ve never gotten a tattoo but I knew when I did, it would be a tribute to the woman who raised me: my grandmother. I haven’t even considered the details of size, location and style. But I know what the ink will represent. It will be a constant reminder of my fondness and respect for someone who has loved me unconditionally and sacrificed so much to make me the woman I am today.

A large majority of body ink enthusiasts have one or more tattoos dedicated to a loved one. Such gestures are even more poignant when that loved one is no longer living. In those cases, the tattoo is symbolic of a never-ending bond that transcends time and place. It can even help with the grieving process as just a glance at the tattoo can make the wearer feel their loved one is ever-present, though not in the physical.

For these reasons, I smiled when news hit that Bobbi Kristina commemorated her mother’s first birthday after her untimely passing on February 11, 2012, with a tattoo. Alongside Nick Gordon, Whitney Houston’s only child got the letters “WH” surrounded by crosses and doves inscribed on her wrist. The tattoo is tasteful and clearly full of sentimental value for the two. It is my hope that the tattoo brings Bobbi some kind of comfort and peace as she copes with the unimaginable pain of losing her mother.

Bobbi’s new ink brought to mind my desire to honor my grandmother in the same way and made me think of all the people who get tattoos as an homage to their loved ones.

Would you get a tattoo for your loved one, Clutchettes? What do you think about tattoos as tribute?

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  • Mademoiselle

    I’m not into tattoos, so I won’t be doing it ever. What I can’t wrap my head around with tattooing a symbol/image of someone else on your person is, if that person has already died, won’t they die a second death when you eventually pass? I know it sounds a little morbid/superstitious, but I’ve hoped since I was a teenager that when I die, none of my loved ones tattoo any semblance of me on themselves. Part of me feels like it keeps the person from “crossing over” fully. But, to each his/her own. It’s just not for me.

  • Will

    yes. I’m looking forward to a very special tattoo. Just one for me though. I never considered a tattoo until I lost this special person.

  • Blasè

    i’ve never been into tribute tattoos but the more i think about my next tattoo the more it’s turning into a tribute to a friend that recently past away. i’m still in too minds too because i don’t want it to scream “tribute to so and so”

    i like Bobby Kristina’s tat – it’s not very obvious (because not everybody knows her and for a minute there i didn’t recognize her) and i think that makes it special.