Barbie has gone through many iterations over the years. She’s been a doctor, lawyer, natural-haired black woman, an astronaut, but through all of her changes she’s remained a woman…until now.

According to reports, Mattel has partnered with upstart design dup The Blonds to release a collector’s edition drag queen doll.

Dubbed, The Blonds Blond Diamond doll, the item will sell for $125 and hit the ‘net in time for Christmas.

While I can’t see how Drag Queen Barbie looks especially different than her other versions–she still has the make up, big hair, and signature curves—this item is sure to spark debates on both sides of the issue. Some will see this as yet another foray into the LGBT dark side, while others will love Barbie’s glammed up look.

What do you think? Are you feeling ‘Drag Queen Barbie’? 

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