My Quest for a DD Bra


Having an ample bosom isn’t all rainbows and glitter, especially when it’s time to find a bra. I had big breasts since my early teenage years but only recently, found bras that catered to my size. The quest started once I grew weary of the mediocrity of grandma-styled bras that the sales associates at Macy’s kept pushing on me. I initially thought a trip to Victoria’s Secret would cure my woes. The commercials boasted of bras with a magical lift-and-separate ability as well as larger size availability. So like many women, I put my trust in clever advertising. I ventured out to the mall only to find a half interested “specialist” who barely looked at the tape she was measuring me with. I wanted her to stop my back from aching and explain why I always felt like I was carrying encyclopedias on my chest. What I received in return for my hard-earned paycheck and time was an ill-fitted albeit sexy bra that offered absolutely no support.

Ever-determined, I took to the internet, googling my way to a decent bra for bigger breasts. Eventually, I was pointed into the direction of a few online sites and specialty lingerie stores that were nowhere near my metro-accessibility radius. My heart sank so I took a Facebook break. I fell upon the profile picture of a former classmate of mine with large breasts sitting proud and high. I sent her an awkward message: “Hey. So, don’t take this the wrong way, but where did you get your bra? I need my breasts to do that.” After much e-laughter and promises that I’m not a creep, she sent me to Nordstrom. The intimates department there offered a larger selection and professional fittings.

I told the associate while she was fitting me that my goal was for the girls to “sit pretty.” Heavier busts weigh more, and I was trying to avoid the ‘breast-feeding champion’ visage. I wanted to be perky just like the A, B and C cups.

I tried on what seemed like 100 bras and was able to find three I really liked. I’m not going to lie to you, they were pretty pricey but I felt and saw the difference immediately. What I like about Nordstrom is that they have extensive size options. If your size isn’t in the store, they’ll order it and send it to your house, free of shipping. I realized sometimes you have to splurge to get taken care of the right way.

The average lingerie designer does not offer many sizing options, especially for women who fall in the outlier category (i.e. larger bands and smaller cups or larger cups and smaller bands). And with the national average bra size being a 36C, companies are going to cater to the sizes they perceive are most common. I don’t expect things to get easier overnight but now atleast I know I have options.

Clutchettes, have you experienced difficulty shopping for larger or smaller breasts? What are your go-to stores to shop and be fitted for bras?

-Nadiah Rodriguez

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