The Olympics is supposed to be a time of good will and peace among nations, but sometimes fans can get a little overzealous in their support for their team.

This time, some Lithuanian fans have come under fire after undercover cops found that a few in the group were harassing the Nigerian basketball team by making monkey chants during a basketball game between the two countries.

theGrio reports:

“One man was arrested on “suspicion of a racially aggravated public-order offense.” stated a Scotland Yard spokesman. This is not the first time during this year’s Olympics that Lithuanian fans have been in trouble. Earlier this week, one of the basketball fans goaded African-American basketball players with the Nazi salute and another made the same gesture towards black stewards.”

So far this year’s games has been relatively free of racial incidents. Aside from the Greek high jumper whose tweet caused her to miss out on the games, the Swiss soccer player who had some disparaging remarks against his South Korean competitors and was sent home by his team, and the horrible coincidence that was the commercial for Animal Practice ,which showed a chimpanzee doing gymnastics, airing right after Bob Costas’ speech about Gabby Douglas’ importance to young black girls, most athletes have been living up to the spirit of the games.

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  • Jasmine Caldwell

    I’m reading stuff like this more and more everyday what happened to the world? Are black people really a threat to other races and ethnicity?

    • Mademoiselle


  • OhMyEyes

    Clearly, some people have missed the whole point of the Olympic games. Btw, that Animal Practice thing is reaching…clearly that was a coincidence as that commercial has aired many times since the games have started.

    • Maxine Shaw Atty at law

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been watching the Olympics since the opening ceremony. I’ve seen that commerical for Animal Practice several times and never did I associate that monkey with Gabby Douglas, John Orozco or any other black gymnist or black person. Those who saw a connection between the monkey and Gabby need to seriously do some self-examination and ask themselves why the automatically assocaiated a monkey with a black person. I mean what frame of mind must you be in to make such a connection. Maybe that is secretly the way they see themselves but that is no reason for them to project their perception of themselves onto Gabby.I am disgusted that her incredible and historic win has been marred with first the hair thing and now the knee jerk reactions to a damn commercial. Its a shame.

  • Renee

    Clearly some people dismiss overt or blatant racism as a figment of one’s imagination. Not surprising since being dismissive is a tactic perfected by the white media to excuse their ignorance and low class stupidity. It’s no concidence that the monkey commerical after Gabby’s win was done on purpose. After all NBC knew well in advance she won the Gold Medal and yet their first thought was to air that monkey advertisement after her win considering the grotesque and racist history there is behind the comparison of African Americans to monkeys and gorillas. And soccer fans in Europe have a long and ugly history of chanting racist monkey noises at black players. Clearly, only someone who happily remains uninform and comfortably dismiss racism can see nothing wrong with the racism spew at the black athletes during the games.

    • We really need to stop with these knee jerk reactions to what some random white people/person says. WHO CARES? They’re simply words. People that ignorant don’t deserve any attention.


      Those random words turn into Black kids getting shot in the head while handcuffed. Some of your brainwashed black people need to wake up or stay asleep and stop claiming your black. Just say your the master doggy.

    • Kim

      @EMCEE, they won’t get it until their son is Trayvon.