P90seX: How A Capitol Hill Fitness Craze Helped Your Congressman Get LaidOne of the talking points meant to “humanize” newly appointed veep candidate and Mitt Romney second banana Paul Ryan is that he got a six pack blowing $120 bucks and countless hoursgoing hard thanks to the popular exercise DVD series P90X.

In my brief time in D.C., particularly around 2011 after the GOP took the House, I started hearing quite a bit about Congress Critters and their ilk going hard using P90X. Soon a rash of nerdy, GOP (and some Dem)Butterfaces with washboard abs started humping about the Capitol, getting too flirtatiously aggressive while I was politely trying to get drunk on the rooftop of the W Hotel.

From Politico:

“It all started with Heath Shuler and Paul Ryan,” said Horton. “They’d go into the congressional gym, and they were doing P90X while everybody else was sitting on the elliptical or treadmill or working with a trainer. … For most folks, all you need is apull-up bar and a floor and a couple of dumbbells or bands. … There’s so much pressure in this town, so it’s a form of release other than a couple of cocktails at lunch.”

Horton wouldn’t weigh in on which political client is the most in shape, but he gave some hints.

“I gotta say, Sen. [John] Thune is tough. Aaron Schock is strong. Paul Ryan is another one. Kevin McCarthy, he’s not ripped necessarily, but he works really hard. … He looks good in a suit, and he feels better.”

But Horton’s most proud about his DVDs being in use at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“I’m fairly sure that Mrs. Obama uses P90X periodically,” said Horton. “I was speaking with Capricia Marshall. She’s the chief of protocol at the White House, so she gave me a little inside scoop. And the president, I believe, owns P90X Plus. I don’t know if he’s using it. I hope so. Mr. President, I hope that you would get on board with your wife and use P90X.”

Like Crossfit and other “hardcore” work out styles, P90X focuses on helping you lose weight by very rarely ever allowing you to stand still and constantly changing up what you’re doing until your muscles hate you. You do all this while getting all wrapped up in possibly fascist, cult-like dogma to make you feel like you’re part of something “bigger” than just doing a hundred squats a hundred different ways until your thighs give out on you.

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  • edub

    This article is so passive aggressive and written by someone with the EMOTIONAL intelligence of a candlestick. We get it, you don’t like Paul Ryan. However, this article comes across as a lazy to attempt to slander (butterface, fascist,associations with gay or not gay founder, associations with other shady republicans)a guy you are too lazy to properly research.

    In the words of Beyonce…To the left, to the left.


    • Gigi Young


      I really don’t get why Ryan’s adherence to health and fitness–particularly in light of Michelle Obama’s own platform on getting healthy and fit–is painted as narcissistic and negative. And really…calling a super-challenging fitness workout “fascist”? REACHING.

  • gmarie

    nothing wrong with fitness. that’s just how he managed to get it done. nothing to do with his political agenda

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  • Mademoiselle

    I don’t think I really needed to know Ryan’s routine. Yet another nod to America’s obsession with being ripped as evidence of health. I wonder what the long term effect of so much strain on the body caused by these extreme fitness challenges is.