According to multiple reports, Craig Davis, an Atlanta-area pastor, was arrested on July 22 for reckless conduct. Davis, who is said to be HIV positive, was accused of engaging in unprotected sex with at least two church members although the women claim he failed to disclose his status.

One of the women speaking out about Davis is Ronita McAfee. McAfee claims she met the married minister on Facebook and the pair began having an affair. Despite her claims that he is HIV positive, she says Davis never informed her she was at risk. McAfee alleges she heard of his status from another woman who was in a leadership position with the church and had a relationship with Davis. After the woman came forward, McAfee claims, the unnamed woman was removed from her post and Davis was asked to leave the church.

McAfee filed a complaint with the local police, claiming Davis showed no regard for her life. She also sent an email to BlackMediaScoop warning others to stay away from him.

McAfee wrote:

My name is Ronita McAfee and I am the victim in the HIV Reckless case in Clayton County, GA, where Mr. Craig Lamar Davis is the Defendant. I have been spiritually unrested not sending out this email since Mr. Davis’ release from jail on August 9, 2012 after his Preliminary Hearing. I hope that you find this email helpful and not distasteful. 

It is my intentions to forewarn as many unsuspecting people as possible thatMr.Craig Lamar Davis IS HIV POSITIVE since the Clayton County, GA, courts found it necessary to approve him a $30,000 bond after initially denying him. Mr. Davis was released on bail compliments to his wife, Jan. He was detained for almost 3 weeks. The courts defense is that exposing people to HIV is not a violent crime therefore a bond is entitled. Additionally, Mr. Davis shows no regard for the human life as it relates to his HIV positive status and having sexual contact with men and/or women. And it is also my belief that he is a flight risk. I went over and beyond making this known to the District Attorney’s office and still they found it in the best interest to approve Mr. Davis for a bond.

Mr. Davis has constantly denied his HIV positive status even after admitting to the detective at the Atlanta Police Department. Clayton County, GA, Assistant District Attorney, Sheryl Freeman confirmed that Mr. Davis is HIV positive and that he has stipulations surrounding his bond. (DUH!) I am just pissed that he even got a bond knowing that he has 2 cases (Fulton County, GA and Clayton County, GA) with the exact same charge: Reckless HIV. You can Google the GA code (16-5-60c) or call your local GA authorities and see how the charge actually reads. Please note that one does not have to be HIV positive to file charges against Mr. Davis ifthey have had sexual intercourse with him, protected or unprotected. Should Mr. Craig Lamar Davis have sexual intercourse with anyone and not disclose his HIV POSITIVE status prior to, it is a FELONY offense carrying up to a 10 year sentence. Thankful to God that I am negative.

Although the Fulton County Sheriff’s website shows Davis’ mugshot and charges, McAfee’s claims that Davis is HIV positive have not yet been corroborated by the media.

But the situation begs an interesting question: Since the stigma surrounding those with HIV makes it difficult for them to be forthcoming, is shame about the virus killing us?

Black women are being infected with the disease at alarming rates, and more often than not, they are getting it from their (heterosexual) partners. And while Davis’ actions sound like those of a man actively working to cover-up his diagnosis, for others who aren’t married and stepping out on their spouses, I wonder if embarrassment and the fear of being rejected prevents them from being completely honest.

Despite the stigma attached to HIV/AIDs, lying to a partner and putting their life at risk is never ok. And this sordid case provides yet another reminder as to why we cannot leave our sexual health in the hands of others.

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  • Dee

    This really has nothing to do with “sin” or “fornicating” or eternal damnation. There are two issues here 1)people not being open and honest with themselves or their partners with regard to their sexual health and 2) people not taking responsibility for their bodies and their health. The fact that he is a married pastor of a church is only the irony of the situation. Im not even going to get into the whole argument of abstinance because that is a whole other conversation. Folks get your minds right with this issue and know the facts about HIV and AIDS! Stop getting wrapped up in your emotions and have hard limits to what will not take place when it comes to your sexual health.

  • WhatIThink

    Of course it has already been mentioned, but 2 main points:

    1) Issues affecting life and health are not things that adults with maturity treat as stigmas. The fact that there is a HIV epidemic (relative to the rest of America) among African Americans is an issue of survival and should be treated as such. Only African Americans treat these things with the mentality of a 4 year old: lets pretend it doesn’t exist and act like spoiled brats, doing what we want and when we get caught claim ignorance. Grow up!

    2) There are some folks that act as enemies and agents of destruction against the causes and interests of their own people, willingly and knowingly. Willingly spreading HIV through unprotected sex is simply an act of willful intent. No amount of make believe, fantasy world child like fantasies will change it. Again, black folks need to grow up and stop acting like children and face reality and stop hiding from it.

    Who on earth believes that this HIV epidemic will just go away on its own without black folks doing something about it through their own actions and deeds? The black folks I am calling out who have a child like immature point of view and believe they can do what they want, when they want and should face no consequences, even though the negative consequences are all around them and everyone and their grand momma, from around the world sees it.

  • Chris

    Hey, thanks for the response. I am not browbeating and did not mean for it to come across that way. The man is a pastor of a local chruch so he probably is Christian and he probably knows what the good book says about adultery and fornication.
    I understand that you feel this is an article about the state of the black community and all, but the reason both of these two even engaged in this behavior is because of SIN….we can sugarcoat it all we want, but SIN is SIN…don’t let the devil fool ya.

  • Tisha

    Well I believe it takes 2 to tango. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that keeping his health a secret from his lover(s) is not right, however, it’s the ADULT responsibility on both sides. Then you factor in his “Pastoral” position and IF you knew he was a married Pastor then you are just as responsible as he is. Sin is sin, I don’t care how you word it or what issues come from it… you made the decision just like he did WILLINGLY to engage in a conversation on that level. I’m not saying you got what you deserved, I’m saying you should not have KNOWINGLY put yourself in a compromising situation with a married Pastor. IE: Both of you are wrong

  • This is quite sad. Fornication and adultry mixed, with 1st degree or attempted murder. The fornication and adultry are between the parties involved and God, but this dude should be locked away. If he knew, or even thought that he may have HIV/AIDS, then he willingly and knowingly infected or possibly infected someone. I think a person who does this, should be charged with 1st degree murder or attempted murder for this.

    Of course, she was wrong, for knowlingly sleeping with a married man, but she wouldn’t deserve “attempted murder”. And that’s what that would be.