Since this is an election year, it’s time for our presidential candidates to come a-courtin’. Our incumbent and hopefuls are hard-selling their platform to key voting contingents–perhaps with more determination than ever, considering the difference such wooing made in ballot turn-out last time. Young people and minorities are on everyone’s radar, but there’s another demographic in need of some political TLC: single women. According to The New York Timessingle women are less likely to turn out in large numbers on election day, but they’re also a rapidly growing group with a lot at legislative concerns:

Single women are one of the country’s fastest-growing demographic groups — there are 1.8 million more now than just two years ago. They make up a quarter of the voting-age population nationally, and even more in several swing states, including Nevada.

And though they lean Democratic — in a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, single women favored Mr. Obama over his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, by 29 points — they are also fickle about casting their ballots, preoccupied with making ends meet and alienated from a political system they say is increasingly deaf to their concerns.

As recently as 2010, single women remained an under-targeted audience. Their turn-out dropped so low that year that Republicans won the women’s vote for the first time in 30 years. It would seem that messaging aimed specifically at single women would be a no-brainer, but neither the Obama nor Romney campaigns are tailoring any of their ads to the group. With the various overt attacks on women’s reproductive rights over the past few years, now might be the time for the Obama campaign to seize the moment and inform women that it intends to throw its support behind issues related to reproductive choice.

The Republican Party has already made clear their intent to the contrary, alternately ignoring and shaming single women through commentary and legislative efforts.

Unlike Romney, the President has a secret weapon in his arsenal: his wife, Michelle. She recently tweeted out a message to women voters, detailing the various ways the Obama-Biden ticket has had their back:

Do you think single women are less likely than other demographics to turn out on election day? Have you ever skipped? Would you like the issues that are significant to women (equal pay, reproductive rights, and access to contraception, etc) to be more prominently considered and discussed?

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  • I think single women make up the same flaky voting demographic as the 18-25 set and minority voters. With that said the only way to get the issues facing us discussed is to turn out at the polls and make them a priority.

    Equal pay is the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay act.
    Access to contraception is now guaranteed in the Affordable Care Act.

    But our reproductive rights will continue to be challenged. Personhood is growing and more ballot initiatives in favor of this movement will appear in November including in Georgia and South Dakota.

    No matter your stance on abortion personhood not only rolls back Roe v. Wade but it rolls back women’s rights in a way that it makes a woman beholden to a fetus she may not know she is carrying and criminalizes her if she loses it depending on the severity of the punishment of the law.

    There are many more reasons single women should head to the polls besides reproductive rights though it is one of the most pressing.

    But we have to join the political process to get our needs met. Politicians aren’t courting folks that aren’t voting the sitting President included.

  • Hello Everyone,
    I hope that you’re having a pleasant day!

    First of all, my primary reason for posting is that I hope that you, and at least 5 of your friends/family get out there and vote!

    But, before that, I pray that you (and your friends/family) make sure that you are properly registered to vote; and have your DL/ID updated and your current address is listed on that ID (if that’s what your jurisdiction requires).

    I get it that there are many issues to vote on; and that some of them are very confusing. But, if I may…I would like to make a suggestion…fire up your computer (or the library’s), grab a dictionary, and your voter’s guide and LOOK UP WHAT CONFUSES YOU!!! Forget about feeling stupid. Forget about what someone else has to say about your research methods. If you don’t know…find out for yourself what position the politician (in question) has. Find out what that proposition/bill/law aims to do for yourself.

    If you have a brain, access to a computer (doesn’t have to be in your home), access to a dictionary (if you don’t have one at home – GO GET ONE!), and you were mailed a voter’s guide…you have all that you need to determine for yourself who and what to vote for…get out there and vote.

    I don’t care if you are GOP or Dem (ok…well…yes I do…but, at the end of the day, please vote). I don’t care if you are conservative or a liberal. I don’t care if you are active in your church home or you crank on the radio and meditate every Sunday morning. But, I NEED you to VOTE!

    Too many people have lost homes, jobs, access to their children and family disowned them just to give you the opportunity to vote. Too many people have been called crazy, dysfunctional, anti-social, communist, unpatriotic, (here’s the best one) UNAMERICAN; and they were beat up, locked up, and in some horrible cases killed just to give us the opportunity to vote. Please don’t waste it!

    We as a society are finally learning how to interact with one another on our own personal terms. We finally have come to a place (in history) where women actually have the legal right to choose her own life path, and the ability to take that path wherever that path leads her. I get it that many wish to create a society where God is the center. I believe that is a wonderful goal. However, history has repeatedly demonstrated that man doesn’t always interpret God correctly. Consider people like Jim Jones and Warren Jeffs who skewed religion into something where her male relatives or some other male in charge dictates a woman’s journey in life.
    Regardless of what your personal position on the abortion question, the health care reform debate, or even a woman’s role in life, wouldn’t you want to make those choices for yourself? Would you want to live in a place where you have the ability to make any choice – legally and yet you make whatever choice based upon your personal values? And were you to change your mind (at any time), you can make that choice without being beat, stoned, fired from your job (or expelled from school)???

    Only the individual can quite their mind (heart & soul) to listen to God’s will. And, when that individual decides to act according to God’s will, it must always be their choice to act (or not to act). To use man’s law to compel someone to live/act according to another’s interpretation of God’s will is forcing that individual to live according to another man’s will – and that has been demonstrated over and over again to have negative consequences. And, viewing this issue in the terms of single women (who may wish to get married in the future), wouldn’t you want your choice to submit to the man of your choosing be made because you want to, not because you have to?

    I ask…no…I BEG YOU to vote! And, I ask that you vote for issues that allow women to choose an action not be compelled by force.

    Thank you,

    • ImJustSaying

      *And, viewing this issue in the terms of single women (who may wish to get married in the future), wouldn’t you want your choice to submit to the man of your choosing be made because you want to, not because you have to?*

      I was with you up until here, as a person not afraid to ask questions can you clarify this for me? What man am i submitting to and what does he have to do with my vote?

  • JN

    I just realized that I have to change my voting location…

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  • LemonNLime

    I will not be voting this year. The last several elections I have been voting not because I stood with a candidate but because there black people who came before me who fought so I could vote. As I no longer live in the swing state of Ohio and Vermont always goes blue, I am not voting this year. I don’t think I should have to choose between the lesser of two evils. I wish we had the option of casting a vote for no one like they do in France. It is like a protest vote and those votes are tallied at the end too.