Nude nails are a chic way to update your look this season. Nude nails are close to your skin complexion with a beige undertone making it look more polished than bare nails. Nude nails are a great addition to this season’s bright trend and color-blocking trend.

But like nude shoes and makeup, one shade does not fit all.  Finding the right nude for your skin tone can be an arduous task. What’s a brown girl to do when she wants to get in on the latest nail trend? The answer is a bit of searching.

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  • Yb

    What if your caramel complexed? What nail colors do you reccommend?

    • la mala

      Check out RGB Cosmetics’ nail tints. They’re blendable nudes to help you get the shade you want if you can’t find it. I was going to try them but San Tan-tonio is good enough for me right now.

    • Yulez

      I was just getting ready to recommend them! They have a nice assortment, and are adding nail foundations. This trend is a year old. Clutch is a little late.

  • Jaslene

    Love this.

  • Gigi Young

    I’m Rihanna’s complexion, and Avon’s barefoot beige is a wonderful nude color.

  • DasaniFRESH

    I am sorry, but this is a bit dumb; even though my skin tone is more closely resembling Alex Wek’s, I am NOT going to paint my nails a “chocolate” color. By definition, by nails are a “natural” color, such as the inside of my palm. Nails are not MEANT to match your skin tone. This article is highly disappointing. Especially, realizing that the darker shaded sisters end up with the most unnatural looking polish colors. There is no such thing as a “nude” color as this meaning is referential to particular group of people (whites), completely marginalizing brown skin. How often have you shopped in a store, looking for the perfect “nude” to match yourself with. I wish we’d stop using that term. Shame on this article for reinforcing marginalization!

    • Some girls like the nude style.

      That is no way in marginalzing. I personally love nude nail polish. It looks profession and non flashy. But not every nude is the same nude. I’m always looking for the perfect nude because all the bottles labeled nude are the color of the inside of my palm (white) and not the outside (brown). Plenty of people love the nude look and it’s great the including brown woman in their defintion of nude.

    • Bosslady

      I agree with DasaniFRESH, I’m closer to Kelly Rowland’s complexion, but the shades you recommended for Viola Davis and Alex Wek are too dark to give the nude effect. People closer to their complexion should likewise use the ones you recommended for Kelly Rowland and Nia Long.

    • apple

      i knew some low self esteem person ws going to come complain about the chocolate color

  • OSHH

    @ Yulez this article is about that old, just reposted from Coco and creme