One our favorite Clutchettes is back with yet another innovative and hilarious effort. While fans patiently wait for episode three of her runaway hit, The Mis Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae decided to turn her lens on herself and…herself.

In a comical interview with Issa Rae and J, the character she plays on ABG, we get an inside glimpse at what makes each of the ladies tick. And in true Issa Rae style, what ends up happening is wholly entertaining.

Check it out.

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  • Wow! Wow! To say that one woman is better than the other because one skin color is so wrong. Whether than ones intelligence, classiness, her soul,moral values,the goals in ones life. And yes I’m light skin. My mother is a beautiful dark skin women because of your faith in Lord our savior, she bright, she intelligent. She a very loving & nurturing woman. She always have kind words for every soul. She see good in everyone. She teaches me the we all have beauty as women. And to just be supportive and to grace our empowerment as women. And learn how to be well rounded. To just surround yourself with postive people. I learned it’s good & bad in all race,ethnic group, no matter of a person color, man or woman skin. One should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged Matthew 7:1. Thanks