I don’t need men to compete with me in the fashion department, but there’s nothing sexier than a clean-cut gentlemen. Someone who is confident enough to take pride in what he wears and who dresses with a sense of dignity and class. And when it comes to hygiene, he listens to what his Mama told him: grooms his hair, cuts his nails and brushes his teeth.

While we celebrate those men who are always impeccably-dressed, there’s that crop of guys who drop the ball when it comes to style.

Here are five pet peeves they have that we want to disappear once and for all.

Click through to see all the pet peeves, Clutchettes!

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  • I was wondering what the heck she was talking about, the only real solution to bumps is to keep hair on your face.

    • Bronze

      You know…all this time I thought Wesley was wearing a shag until I notice there was a woman behind him. Whew!

  • Rue

    Quote about suits…I swear there is nothing hotter to me than a hot, well groomed man in a well tailored suit…YUM! off for a walk (a la:wander the the business district)

    • deb

      YES! When I was in undergrad, i’d sometimes take the bus downtown which was very close and when the weather was nice would walk around taking in all the cute guys with sharp suits.

  • simplyme

    I will sympathize with the guys on the razor bump situation…it not as easy as buying a few products and slapping them on…and they can hurt. Its just the nature of the way our hair grows. Because it curls into itself. Women also have this problem if we attempt to shave our armpits and nether regions instead of waxing or epilating. Exfoliating before shaving helps.

  • The Comment

    Oh Damn………I didn’t even see the dirty nails with all that damn glitter on his hands.

  • can we add dress shoes with jeans to the list? Either you’re dressing up or dressing down- can’t have it both ways lol