I don’t need men to compete with me in the fashion department, but there’s nothing sexier than a clean-cut gentlemen. Someone who is confident enough to take pride in what he wears and who dresses with a sense of dignity and class. And when it comes to hygiene, he listens to what his Mama told him: grooms his hair, cuts his nails and brushes his teeth.

While we celebrate those men who are always impeccably-dressed, there’s that crop of guys who drop the ball when it comes to style.

Here are five pet peeves they have that we want to disappear once and for all.

Click through to see all the pet peeves, Clutchettes!

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  • Lady P

    As a teenager, I didn’t like any of the above mentions. I love a well-groomed man and especially in a well-tailored suit.

  • Houston

    Male Pet Peeves.

    1. No personal style and wearing everything that’s the latest trend.
    2. Weaves
    3. Fake nails
    4. Too much makeup
    5. Tacky BIG plastic jewelry/earrings
    6. Bad Skin!!!

    • Hehe

      How is bad skin a style?

    • what is a ghetto walk? please refer to the ghetto article! lol

  • omfg

    there are creams for this. a lot of men do not take care of their skin though and just walk around with those bumps on their faces.

  • omfg

    all of the above

  • Downsouth Transplant

    @Huston, please elaborate the skin factor, I have a working relationship with my skin since puberty kicked in, we have happy days & days i wish them away, i would like to know what good/bad skin is, is it naturally born with or can $$ get it for you I sure hope you are not talking about skin tone but please help me out:)

    • KayG

      I cannot wear foundation or any other kind of make on my skin due to my inherited sensitive skin. I eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and drink water 95% of the time with a little orange/pineapple juice every now and then. However, a week before and after I menstruate, hormone fluctuations result in acne flare ups. It’s either inject/ingest hormones in the form of birth control shots/pills, ingest pills from the cycline family for long periods of time and deal with the side effects, or continue to cleanse your skin and body to the best of your ability. Please keep two things in mind: none of the above acne medications can be taken while pregnant and not everyone with “bad” skin lives an unhealthy lifestyle.

    • Houston

      @Downsouth Transplant:

      No, I was not referring to skin tone. What I was speaking to, was the fact that I see a lot of women with bad skin who won’t go to a dermatologist, but will spend hundreds of dollars on Mac makeup to cover blemishes and acne scaring.

      I’ve been a vegetarian for a long time, and I can tell you, a lot of the skin issue we have as African Americans, is directly related to our poor diets. but that a discussion for another day.

      8 glasses of water, no soda or fried foods, and I guarantee you will see a difference in your skin.

      Continued blessing…

    • support black skincare companies

      I worked in cosmetics/skincare for 10 years. Black women are the least likely to buy skincare serums, creams or oils because they think they don’t need it. Your remark echos that ignorant/backward thinking that good skin is attainable if you eat right. Sure it is but that is not even half of the problem.

      Seems that you have a severe biased against women who wear make-up. I will say that removing make-up is important but does not severely impact the condition of the skin. Black women or women of color struggle with dark spots, large pores, discoloration and so on. Cosmetic companies realized that they could get more bang for their buck if they created a new category of skin care that address these needs. They taped into this market—and PRESTO…you now have spot correctors flooding the market.

      I hope you have not voiced your narrow views of make-up to impressionable black women who don’t know any better. There are a lot of black cosmetic companies who need our support. Models, make-up artist and chemist will appreciate your silence regarding skincare and make-up.