Picture-684It’s a Saturday morning; you’re in a local drugstore walking around the woman magazine shelves. Looking like an alive Cuckoo clock, your eyes rapidly move back and forth looking for a natural hair care magazine. Your eyes finally land on the small section where 2-3 Black hair magazines reside. Reaching for the magazine with the cover of a model sporting a multi-colored streak bob on the front, you soon realize that it was quite pointless trying to find any type of inspiration for any fly, fresh hairstyles for natural hair.

It is extremely clear that natural hair care is not incorporated in publications. In the majority of magazines, once you hit the hair section the most natural style you find is on a racially ambiguous model with loose curls and/or they will have medium wave textured hair. Not saying that any of our black publications do not cater to the need of natural hair but only having 2-5 pages a month leaves us yearning for more. The pleasure of being able to sign up for a monthly subscription and have funky and healthy styles for you waiting in your mailbox would be treasure that numerous women would enjoy.

Since natural women do not have too many print options to cater to their needs, technology plays a vital role in connecting information to the modern-day natural woman. With an online community of YouTube videos, bloggers and Facebook groups, natural women have taken the power back into their own hands. Coming together on our own not only displays our outcry for more knowledge of how take care of natural tresses but also shows that it’s a major void in the market that needs to be addressed. When it comes to finding new styles or tips I don’t even attempt to comb through any magazine but straight to YouTube and blogs for my hair questions, videos, tutorials, tips and product reviews.

Even though natural women’s online presence is mighty powerful, the simple fact that a magazine is definitely a need for us. Having a weekly or monthly subscription that would have all the information online condensed in a publication would be the next step to propel the acceptance of Black beauty. Every other culture has their one go to place for beauty and hair care tips, now it’s time for our turn.

So how long will it be until the natural hair care takes over or are included in Black hair magazines?

– Ellisa Oyewo

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  • Merci

    The magazine industry is dying anyway. Most people looks to blogs and vlogs for help.

    • Bingo! Yu do have a point though; for the most part online forums, YouTube, and hair blogs has pretty much killed hair magazine. The only time I see a hair magazine is when I’ am in line getting checked out and notice the person on the cover (and usually it is the same people that gets recycled over and over). Let’s face it a lot of black women are starting to be DIY when it comes to their hair for the most part whether they are relaxed, natural, wigs/weaved up, etc. so these magazines have a lot of completion so creating a natural hair magazine is a good idea in theory it may not be practicable especially when 50-11 blogs/vlogs cover nearly the same information/technique. But I do agree these mags was pitiful in their attempts to cover natural hair, even before the “trend” of people going back to natural there were still plenty of women wearing their natural before this so called movement so for that those mags dropped the ball.

  • gmarie

    idk if there is a need to “take over” when there are a variety of looks black women go for….
    can’t say I remember when the last time I bought a black hair magazine was..with the internet I can just Google any hairstyle I’m looking for. All these editors can do is supply the demand, and based on their content there is an obvious majority demand for a certain look.
    You should try a real news stand I usually see braid/natural magazines there along with various black lifestyle magazines I never see elsewhere (usually not based in the states so more expensive unfortunately)

    Personally I just don’t see a source better than the internet for hair styles and hair care info. It’s interactive and on demand.

  • kc

    What irony. No black hair in black hair magazines!

    • Val

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • minna k.

    that project is a great idea :)

  • A

    I think it’s important to remember where most of the ads in the magazines are coming from. They are coming from companies that sell weaves and perms.

    If they realize that the magazine’s demographic is changing to natural haired women…they will begin to pull adds and then the magazine will suffer.

    So essentially it is about money at the end of the day. If these natural hair companies will put up more money to place adds in the mags….we will begin to see more natural hair showcased.

    Unfortunately..it’s simply business :/

    • jamesfrmphilly

      natural hair does not generate as much profit for the industry.
      sisters keeping their money in their pockets.