I was still in elementary school when I realized baby hair was a thing. A few people remarked that I had it, in a congratulatory way. And soon I was adding an extra five minutes to my daily routine to brush them out along my hairline, much to my mother’s dismay as she yelled for me to hurry and get to school.

The idea that baby hair is attractive was reinforced in entertainment. There were several stars in the 90s, namely Brandy, Chilli and Ginuwine, who had the look down to a science. They rocked baby hair so proudly and regularly, it became a part of their brand.

Soon, everyone was imitating the look. Black people in particular would grab a brush or toothbrush and brush their baby hair out around their edges. Extra points if you were able to create a swirl when your curly/kinky hair was sleeked down with gel or water.

Some people only brushed it out around their sideburns so you got a glimpse of their baby hair from the profile view. Others were limitless in their baby hair pursuit, creating full-out gelled down bangs along their hairline.

You can’t ignore baby hair was a legitimate beauty fad at the time, but I wonder what is the fascination behind it?

Now that my hair is natural, I often rock it in a top knot protective style. And when I’m brushing and wetting my hair to get the look, there are times where one hair along my hairline falls down and curls up separate from the bunch. I leave it out, perhaps as a subtle nod to those nostalgic baby hair days or maybe because I’m too lazy to brush it back.

And I always get compliments for it. Go figure.

Why was baby hair so popular back then, Clutchettes? Do you have any baby hair memories? Do you know anyone who still rocks it?

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  • I’m pretty sure most people did it so that way their hair line never pulled back, or receded. In men’s cases with all the braiding and line ups they were getting . It was a protective style that turned into a trend ,

  • Damon Gunn

    Niggas think that it makes them look like they have “good hair”! Just another manifestation of our self hate and particularly our hatred of hair that looks traditionally Aftican. Despite what they love to claim, most blacks have no Indian in their families and those that do have maybe 1% or less, more than likely due to the fact that they were owned by Indian slave holders. Black people are sickening, especially black women where their hair is concerned.

  • Anansa

    I’m sorry y’all but this is funny. We have to laugh at ourselves sometimes.


    in response to Damon Gunn: when in the world did Indians hold slaves? what are you talking about? You should learn your history before trying to sound like you’re really informed about why Black people are supposedly self-hating. The Black people that may have Indian in them would be mixed because Indians were also enslaved by the British and were taken to work sugar plantations in the West Indies (e.g. Guyana, Trinidad)…..however, based on research it was found that there was not as much mixing as some people claim. That was a side issue. misinformed opinions masquerading as facts are annoying. anyway..I think baby hair was just a fashion trend – I wasn’t aware that it had anything to do with wanting to claim you have “good hair.” (?) I actually found this post because I was wondering if anyone still styles it because I have some baby hair ..LOL. There was a girl on youtube who said she was latina and partly from guam and she showed others how to style their baby hair and people commented on it saying how “ghetto” it was..I thought it was interesting though.

  • Damon Gunn

    Miss Shakur: native Americans (Indians) did in fact own slaves. Learn your fucking history before you question my knowledge. You can start by looking up the Five Civilized tribes. Or black slaves, red masters.