Snoop Dogg has never shied away from the enjoyment that he gets from smoking marijuana, and apparently he’s passing this habit on to his teenage son, Corde “Spanky” Broadus. This week on Twitter, Corde posted photos of him and his father spending some quality smoking time together. Unless these photos were taken in a state where they both hold medicinal usage cards, they’re pretty much participating in illegal activity.

As a person that grew up in the “Just Say No” era, I don’t understand the type of parent that would encourage this type of activity. I can’t imagine handing a pipe to my son and saying, “Here, let’s get high together”. Family bonding is one thing, but using an illegal substance is another. Most people will probably chalk it up to the whole, “like father like son”, but even then what happened to parental responsibility? Although some people feel that marijuana should be legalized, it’s not and probably won’t be for a while. Who knows, maybe Snoop and his son have some type of medical issue. But maybe they don’t.

Do you feel Snoop is setting a good example by smoking with his son?

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  • Echi

    Umm, guys, this is Snoop Dogg – you’ve heard his music, right? Only the grace of God could deliver his children from such a lifestyle.
    Without question, this is not going down in my household, neither do I think this would be cool in like 80% of American households. So the only time in which this behavior would be an example to other households is if the parents were literally a non-factor in the home.

  • steff

    Im sorry but everyone here is taking this far too seriously. His son is a grown aduult, he can do whatever he wants. Id much rather my grown son smoked with me than on the streets where he can get arrested. Weed isnt bad, illegal yes but not bad. Im not condoning breaking the law but im just saying, everyone at some point has and will break the law. Calm down and smoke a j. I know this is going to annoy a lot of folk but its my opinion, thats it.

  • Gisèle

    He should put jis son on collège !!!

  • jmf

    it’s just some pot, I don’t know what the big deal is? It’s a harmless plant, and they probably are bonding over smoking herb and eating a ton of sandwiches. You people need to get off your high horses. It’s not like they’re doing real drugs. They’re just enjoying a toke, and sharing a laugh. You people should be glad that there’s A BLACK FATHER SPENDING TIME WITH HIS SON.

    Get outraged over the fact that most black men aren’t even around for their kids!