I’ll never forget when my ex-boyfriend met my friends for the first time. I asked them if they thought he was a good match for me in terms of personality. But all they wanted to talk about what his donk. “He has a nice butt, girl.”

Umm, really? Do women even look at men’s butts like that?

I had never noticed his butt before, but made sure to steal a glance the next time I saw him. It did fill out his khaki pants, and also sat pretty high. He never let me touch his butt (wasn’t his thing) but I did quietly grow an affinity for it.

My favorite type of butt on a man looks something like DMX’s in Belly. Tight and muscular with just enough fat to grab.

But there are women who prefer a big ole booty on a man, to rival that of Serena Williams or Jennifer Lopez.

Take Tyson Gay, for example. The Olympian athlete’s butt is so round, firm and pronounced, you could sit a cup of water on it and he might not even notice. He has the kind of junk in the trunk that men have loved on women for years. As it turns out, some women like big butts on men too.

Women have varying opinions on men with donks. There are some who are disgusted by it, and others who find large glutes sexy on a man.

What is your opinion, Clutchettes? Do you like big donks on men?

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  • Blue

    No!! I don’t want a guy who’s booty is just as shapely as mine. Besides guys don’t like it when you mess with their @$$…at least the straight ones don’t like it.

  • I like a little something to hold onto during sexy time. I can’t do man hips and moobs, though.

  • Echi

    Wow….now I want to know what his workout routine is.

  • Alton

    I’m a guy who has been gaining weight on purpose to bulk up. I am short and have been very skinny all of my adult life (110 lbs., 5’3″) I never liked being so thin. Now I weigh about 134 lbs and still gaining more every month. My waist has not changed at all and my stomach very little. Most of my weight seems to be going to my lower body (thighs and butt). For whatever reason down here in the South a lot of young guys 35 or so and below (even some of the white guys) seem to be developing in this way with thick thighs and really big butts.

    I never had a butt before but now it is both wide and sticks out quite a bit when I turn to the side. I even notice I walk differently now (not on purpose) and can feel my butt jiggling a little. Ever since, I have been getting all kinds of CRAZY attention from women. I constantly catch women standing around videoing me with their phones. So yes there are a lot of women out there who love a thick man with a booty.

    I plan on gaining about 10 more pounds and by then my butt probably won’t even fit in my pants anymore. Lol. It barely does now. My waist is about 29″ but my hips are around 36″, and as I said, as I keep gaining weight my lower body more than anywhere else gains in mass. I never thought much about my butt before but I love it now and hope it gets to around 40″. I love the attention and clothes fit so much better on me now. It is so funny being around my friends and co-workers though (mostly male). Most men love big shapely butts so it is natural for our eyes to be drawn to that. But when something like that is on another dude it really messes with our heads. You don’t know what to do with your eyes. I personally have seen other dudes walk by me with really huge round asses jumping and shaking around (more than most females) as they walk and I all I could think was “DAMN!” and couldn’t help but to stare. It is not unusual around here to see fairly fit guys with 32-34″ waist with hips from 40-50″.

    As I said there are more and more men developing these massive almost feminine butts. I don’t know what is causing it. People follow them around, stare openly, and record them on their phones all the time. Some giuys seem to enjoy the attention and go out of their way to dress in such a way that people can’t miss their big behinds. But others you can tell are very self conscious about it and do everything they can to hide it yet their butts are so big it is almost impossible to completely cover it up. I can imagine it would be weird to a woman dating a guy like that and everywhere they go people are staring at his booty more then hers, especially when that attention is coming from other men sometimes. But do know that every guy who embraces or seems to love his big butt is not gay.

    I can see that some of these young guys may become very conflicted about their sexuality when their male peers are walking around them everyday with th their pants sagging and their big butts in their face. It really makes things confusing when some of those butts are shaped like but even bigger than women like Kim Kardashian’s. But there isn’t much left in this world that isn’t confusing. The ones I feel sorriest for are the guys stuck with these huge butts who don’t like it but are constantly dealing with the attention it gets from other people. Mine is getting big but it ain’t huge YET. I wouldn’t mind if it did get really really big. I wouldn’t be ashamed of it at all. I look at it as a blessing from GOD and I find that the bigger it gets the more I like it. And all you ladies can stare at it all you want. Lol.