I’ll never forget when my ex-boyfriend met my friends for the first time. I asked them if they thought he was a good match for me in terms of personality. But all they wanted to talk about what his donk. “He has a nice butt, girl.”

Umm, really? Do women even look at men’s butts like that?

I had never noticed his butt before, but made sure to steal a glance the next time I saw him. It did fill out his khaki pants, and also sat pretty high. He never let me touch his butt (wasn’t his thing) but I did quietly grow an affinity for it.

My favorite type of butt on a man looks something like DMX’s in Belly. Tight and muscular with just enough fat to grab.

But there are women who prefer a big ole booty on a man, to rival that of Serena Williams or Jennifer Lopez.

Take Tyson Gay, for example. The Olympian athlete’s butt is so round, firm and pronounced, you could sit a cup of water on it and he might not even notice. He has the kind of junk in the trunk that men have loved on women for years. As it turns out, some women like big butts on men too.

Women have varying opinions on men with donks. There are some who are disgusted by it, and others who find large glutes sexy on a man.

What is your opinion, Clutchettes? Do you like big donks on men?

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