Yesterday, Chad Johnson, the athlete formerly known as Ochocinco, posted a photo on his Twitter account that shows a tattoo on his leg of Evelyn Lozado’s face with  her name beneath it. According to TMZ, Chad got the new ink this past weekend.  When asked about it on Twitter by some of his followers, he seemingly joked about it. If that is a real tattoo, I can only assume this is his way of expressing his love. Unlike the alleged head butt.

Plenty of people show their love for another person by getting a tattoo. I’ve seen faces of children, birth dates as well has full family portraits.   But there are also those people who love ink, and who seem to be obsessed with it.

I have no idea who that person is, but it’s been floating around the internet for the past couple of days. Not that the Mike Tyson face tattoo wasn’t bad enough, this person also has a mustache tattoo on his upper lip and tattooed sideburns. A bit of an overkill.

I am proud to say, I don’t have anyone’s name, initials, birth date or face on my body. But unfortunately, against my better judgement, I got a tattoo of the Leo astrological sign on my upper left arm when I was 17. Over the past several years, it has definitely been a conversation piece. Most people have either confused it with an Omega brand, or a sperm. Eventually, I did start telling people it was a sperm just to see the reaction on their face. Till this day I still contemplate having the tattoo removed, but then I always think about the pain involved. So more than likely, the tattoo will be with me forever.

Although tattoos aren’t permanent, they’re permanent enough for me, not to get one as a sign of love for a significant other. Once the relationship is over, unless you have a could of thousand to spend on laser surgery, that person will always be a constant reminder.

Clutchettes, would you tattoo a loved one’s name, picture, or anything else related to them on your body? Do you have any tattoos you now regret getting?

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