Black women love their hair colors from blonde to light brown to red. But it seems we’re more experimental than ever as of late. The new color theory is less natural-looking and more funky, daring and bold.

The ombre look got revamped with a new twist: rainbow-colored tips. Yes, you read that right. Girls have been coloring the ends of their strands in every hue from purple to green to blue.

And the colorful trend is extending beyond ombre. Azealia Banks took the stage at  last night’s Anna dello Russo for H&M event sporting her signature long tresses uplifted with green color. And it actually looked pretty cool.

The look is less punk and grunge than it was in the 90s and more fashion-forward and glamorous than ever.

You can’t argue that rainbow-colored strands are eye-catching and trendy, but are they stylish?

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes and Gents: Yay or Nay?

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  • silkynaps

    I’m not a fan of hair coloring, however, I have seen a few people, with the personality and personal style, that were able to pull off vibrant colors without looking like a prostitute.

  • Mina

    Azealia Banks has always had her hair colored and dyed in many colors. From red, purple, pink, and now green. It goes with her stage outfit and her Mermaid Ball thing. I say Yay! I love rainbow, colorful hair. I would like to dye my hair all kinds of colors but I don’t want to damage it plus I’m looking for a job. But I’m thinking about trying chalking out if doesn’t dry out my hair

  • Houston

    Now how am I gonna bring you home to meet mama!?

    Love, peace and hair-grease…

  • Luci

    YAY and YAY!

    I’ve been trying to explain to other black women how to properly do crazy hair colors for years. Don’t buy and wear colorful weave in its original shade. For most of us, they’re too saturated and just look crazy. Leave the pre-fab cotton candy pink to white girls, and custom dye your hair to complement your skin color. Azealia is doing it right!

    • Maria

      yes- but we should also avoid dying permed hair! people should buy the weave to match their natural hair color, then dye the weave. best results!

  • Yay! When done artfully it adds a nice layer of dimension to your hair. Now id you go crazy and dye your entire head purple not so much.