Samuel L. Jackson has joined forces with the Jewish Council on Education and Research, a pro-Obama Super Pac, to create an ad encouraging voters to get excited again about the president. The three-minute and some change video was written by Adam Mansbach, author of the best-selling Jackson-narrated ‘children’s book for adults’, Go the F*** to Sleep. In pure Samuel L. Jackson style, with his signature Kangol, the video is definitely not like most political tv ads.

Wake The F*ck Up features a young girl attempting to convince her family that enthusiasm is still important. Jackson helps her out, popping up to tell her siblings, parents and grandparents to “wake the f*** up!”

This isn’t the first shock video sponsored by the Jewish Council on Education and Research, earlier this month, Sarah Silverman’s voter fraud video debuted on Youtube. “This attempt to prevent voter fraud is the only voter fraud taking place,” Silverman says in her “Let My People Vote” video, which quickly went viral.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Adam Mansbach about his second collaboration with Samuel L. Jackson.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What gave you the idea to build this political ad in the shell of your best-selling book?

ADAM MANSBACH: In mid-August, the Jewish Council for Education and Research contacted me because they had an idea to do something riffing on my book. They didn’t want to do something that was close to the book without asking me, which was very nice of them. But when they told me what they had in mind, my take was, “Forget about permission; I need to write this.” So I jumped on and wrote it.

I expect most of the feedback has been very positive, but not everyone shares your politics. Are you expecting a backlash?
Of course there will be backlash; this is a political ad. Sh-t, there was a backlash when I published a fake children’s book, you know? People sent me hate mail telling me, “I would never read this to a child!” Like, “Yeah, no sh-t. It says f–k in the title!” So inevitably, I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail. It will probably be very poorly written and badly spelled. Yeah, I have no doubt. But I also don’t give a f–k.

What do you think about “Wake the F*ck Up!”?

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