When I was in 8th grade, it never ceased to amaze me how certain girls in my class felt that it was an ‘honor’ to get randomly felt-up by a male classmate, especially if he was the cute popular one. Back then, at the ages of 12/13, everyone’s hormones were raging, but my mother didn’t raise a ‘fast-tail’ girl (that’s what my grandmother called them), so I didn’t see anything cute about it at all.

I remember one incident in particular and it took place during 7th period Chemistry class. Mr. S had his typical coffee in one hand and cigarette in the other, yes my teacher smoked during class he was anything but typical. As I made my way to my desk, I was approached by another classmate named Mustafa. Typically I tried to avoid him at all costs because he was a known culprit when it came to ass grabbing. When I finally reached my desk, he did the unthinkable, and grabbed my butt. I immediately dropped my books and yelled at him. He looked at me as if I was in the wrong and called me a “bitch”. At that point, the next thing I knew, I threw a right hook and punched him dead in the eye. He wobbled and fell.

Once he managed to get back on his feet, the whole class was basically in tears from laughter. Mr. S took a drag from his cigarette and said to Mustafa, “Well, ain’t that something. Girls, maybe some of you need to take a few boxing lessons from Yesha and boys, next time think twice before you try grabbing a girl”.

Back then butt grabbing was a big deal, but nowadays it’s a whole different type of ball game. A couple of years ago, my nephew and son were sitting at the dining room table doing their homework. My son called me in because he said he saw something happen at school during recess. He goes on to tell me that he saw a boy put his hands down a girl’s pants. Disgust immediately hit me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing about an Elementary school playground. I asked him did he tell any of the teachers that were out there and he said he did, but they didn’t do anything. At this point, I asked my nephew if he saw the same thing, and he said yes as well.

The next morning I placed a phone call to the school and the Board of Education, expressing my concern about certain things that have taken place on the playground in recent weeks. I also talked to the teacher whose students were involved in the incident. I didn’t understand why she didn’t report the incident to either the principal or the parents. She failed, big time, but the parents failed the children first.

My question is, what are parents teaching children nowadays? Some people will blame it on the media, i.e, tv, video games, music. But parents need to be held accountable for the actions of their kids. I would hope parents would do more in regards to educating their children about sexual behavior and promiscuity and telling them to keep their hands to themselves.

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