Chris Brown's neck tattoo of Rihanna

When I saw the headline, “Chris Brown reveals new tattoo of a ‘beaten woman’… but denies it’s his ex Rihanna,” I thought it was a joke.

Why on earth would Breezy stoke the ire of the Rihanna’s rabid fan base, affectionately known as “the Navy,” and pop culture enthusiast everywhere by tattooing anything that could remotely be construed as a reminder of that fateful night on his body?

I clicked on the link thinking it was merely a ploy to get more hits, when I was met with the an image that made me say, “Hmmmm.”

Apparently, Brown got the tat on August 30th, but somehow, images are just hitting the web. The tattoo depicts a woman’s face, which appears scratched and bruised on one side. At first glace the image certainly looks suspect, and like it is indeed the face of a woman who has been beaten, but is it?

While I think Brown may have screwed up (again) by getting this tattoo and reminding everyone—yet again—about the beating he inflicted upon Rihanna, the more I stared at the tattoo, the more it resembled the comedy/tragedy theater masks.

Usually depicted as two different images, the comedy/tragedy theater masks are meant to show the duality of personalities—the happy and the sad, the good and the bad. And if this is what Brown was going for, I get the intent. But he totally missed the mark.

It’s clear the pair have moved on from “the incident” that ended their relationship and nearly upended their careers, but the public has yet to let it go.

Just last month after Rihanna confessed to Oprah that she still loves Brown and they have once again become good friends, her admission nearly broke the Internet. Shocked tweets were exchanged between viewers, numerous blog posts were written, and even mainstream news outlets picked up the story.

Three years after that fateful night that changed both of their lives forever, folks still can’t get over it. And actions like this questionable tattoo—and Brown’s storied temper tantrums—explain why.

According to Brown’s reps, the tattoo is of a “random woman,” but seriously, could he really expect anything less than speculation that he was, once again, thinking about Rihanna?


*Photos via The Daily Mail

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