Donald Trump is a clown. And the real estate magnate turned media whore is at it again.

Today, after a slew of underwhelming hype, Trump released a “bombshell” announcement meant to “expose” Pres. Obama. While many batted around theories of what Trump could possibly release, the final product was completely anti-climatic.

The gist of Trump’s “announcement”? He’s still on his birther grind and now wants President Obama to produce his college and passport applications, presumably because it will tell us that Barack Obama isn’t American, in exchange for a $5 million donation to a charity of the President’s choosing.


While Trump continues to try to bolster his media profile and boost ratings for the upcoming season of The Apprentice with batshit crazy allegations, I just wish he’d go away.

So here are 3 things we should be talking about instead of Donald Trump’s latest stunt.

# 1 How the right plans to overturn Roe v. Wade

Salon.com recently published an in-depth article on how our right to choose will deteriorate if Mitt Romney wins the presidency. If Romney is elected, he will presumably be able to appoint one or more Supreme Court justices that may solidify a Conservative leaning court and overturn Roe.

Slate reports: “It will be slow, and it will be indirect — to avoid a backlash — but the inexorable goal is to overturn it and ban abortion wherever possible. With an eye toward the court’s oldest member, women’s rights pioneer Ruth Bader Ginsburg, antiabortion activists would be counting on a President Romney to appoint one or more justices who would upset the fragile 5-4 balance that currently maintains the federal right to an abortion. In the meantime, they’ve been working hard to lay the groundwork to get a case before the Court that would allow justices to revisit, and possibly overturn, Roe.”

Scary, stuff.

#2 Juanita Rosenior releases “The Portfolio” which celebrates black lifestyle & entertainment brands in the UK

Our brothers and sisters across the Pond are doing big things, and to celebrate it Juanita Rosenior decided to release a new digital publication aimed and spreading the word about black entrepreneurs and brands in the UK. This week, Rosenoir released the inaugural issue of The Portfolio, which shares tips on how to grow your business as well as highlights many like Isis Empire Magazine (geared toward naturalistas) and Ivy Monro, a digital mag for UK women.

Read the first issue of The Portfolio online.

# 3 Bin Laden Film ‘Seal Team Six’ Recut To Give President Obama Starring Role

Shadow & Act is reporting that a The Weinstein Company-backed film about the Bin Laden raid will feature the President in a “prominent” role.  The film was apparently recut to give it a “stronger sense of realism,” but New York Times film critics say the changes were meant to strengthen “Mr. Obama’s role and provide a window into decision-making in the White House.”

While many Republicans are crying foul (Harvey Weinstein is a staunch Obama backer), the film will debut just days before the election on November 4, and on Netflix on November 5.

Will it affect the election?

I guess we’ll have to see.

What are you talking about today INSTEAD of Donald Trump? Drop us a note!

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  • Pseudonym

    3 other things I would rather be talking about instead of Donald Trump’s latest stunt:

    -what to be for Halloween
    -where I can get a bag full of pineapple gummy bears (it’s the best flavor yet always least represented)
    -why my best buns are created when I throw my hair up to sit around the alone doing nothing- and can never recreate the look when leaving the house

    Basically, even the most mundane thoughts are more relevant than Donald Trump.

    • Basically! He is truly irrelevant

    • Dalili

      Yes, yes, yes to pineapple gummy bears. Yes!

  • Beautiful article…Trump is full of hot garbage, and this somehow, someway will lead to publicity for The Apprentice. Any of the celebs that support Obama should not even be on his show, why give him ratings?

  • This guy is ugly from in and out

  • MyTwoCents

    Mr. Trump is a spoiled, rich guy. He is so used to having people try to please him that he cannot stomach the fact that the birther argument is dead, that he got his reprimand in public, and that the president is one person who really doesn’t have to obey him. He could stand to learn a little about humility, but in the mean time, he should stick to his business ventures.

  • cocopuffs

    no one cares trump OKAY NO ONE CARES!! thats like everyone was upset about clinton effing around I DIDNT CARE! he didnt cheat on me!