Calling all naturalistas! We do everything to keep our hair looking glorious. However, sometimes we get caught up in routines that could secretly be messing up our curls. Or, we find ourselves participating in unhealthy thoughts about our curls. It is time to point out some of those bad habits that we need to break.

#1 Touching your hair constantly.
I must say this can be very hard not to do throughout the day. Who doesn’t like to touch their hair or play with their hair? Well, the more you dig into hair and pick at your hair, the more oil and dirt from your fingers goes inside your precious coils. Therefore, the next time someone wants to touch your hair, you tell them no. And, you got to keep my fingers out of your hair unless you are styling, washing, or detangling it.

#2 Ripping Those Knots Out.
Have you ever been detangling your hair and suddenly, you encounter a kinky knot? You think to yourself, “What should I do about this?” and you rip or comb the knot out. Finally, your knotty hair is down on the floor. Girl, you have to be patient with your knots. If you start untwisting at the base of the scalp or half way down, it can cause breakage and split ends. Using your fingers or a wide tooth comb, start at the bottom of the hair and work your way toward the root.

#3 Not Trimming.
Stop running from those scissors. We tend to think the only time we need to cut our hair is when we have split ends or single strand knots. If you trim a little bit of dead weight from your hair, your hair will come back to life. You can trim your hair four times a year or every 8 to 10 weeks. Trimming your curls is a great way to experiment with different hairdos and shapes.

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