Whitney Houston’s biopic is in the works and there’s much talk about who will be cast to play the singer and her famous family.

A role that hasn’t gotten recent attention in the press is that of her ex-husband and the man who many call the love of her life, Bobby Brown.

Bobby Brown is a complex, layered and charismatic personality, who is as famous for his dance moves and gritty yet soulful tenor as his bad-boy antics.

The rumor mill is churning with claims that Idris Elba has been tapped to play the former New Edition bandmate and while Elba certainly has the acting prowess to pull it off, we can think of six other celebrities who may be better fit for the role.

1. Anthony Mackie

Hollywood’s resident bad boy could channel Brown’s rebellious streak and tough demeanor like none other.

2. Eddie Griffin

The funny man is charismatic enough to nail Brown’s irresistible charm, but layered enough to convey the deep emotional angst brimming beneath the surface.

3. Bokeem Woodbine

Woodbine could nail Brown’s rough-around-the-edges attitude and fly-off-the-handle temper with ease. The stars also share that aggressive yet alluring mystique that make women go crazy.

4. Wesley Snipes

Brown has the ability to make you love and hate him at the same damn time, and few actors can capture that dichotomy like Wesley Snipes. Snipes can appear to be strong and callous while showing glimpses of vulnerability that make you sympathize with his character’s struggle. This will fare well if he plays Bobby Brown in the biopic.

5. Ne-Yo

He’s definitely not a rebel when compared to the others, but Ne-Yo has the talent and the ego to play a young Bobby Brown fighting to shine on his own while being a part of the famed group, New Edition.

6. Eddie Murphy

He may be our favorite pick on the list, and can certainly do an older Bobby Brown justice, especially during the time of the funeral. With his emotional depth and rawness, he can embody the role of a fallen superstar and a man tortured by lost love and a painful past.

Who do you think should play Bobby Brown in Whitney Houston’s biopic, Clutchettes?

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