“That’s logistics” — the ever popular UPS slogan, known for its ease of shipping products based on planning all of the logistics for you. What if dating worked like that; what if every man came with a logistical plan. Dating is fundamental in any relationship scenario: for singles on the prowl, for couples looking to keep the relationship flame going, and for first-date courting.

Let’s use the first date scenario as an example. First dates can range from delightful to outright deceiving. I’ve had an array of first date experiences, some where I was convinced I’d met “the one” and others where I was convinced I was dining with Satan. Nonetheless, first dates can be make-or-break. It’s seemingly easy to plan the logistics of a date; all you need is a set day, time, and place. When it comes to planning a first date, however, men often leave the logistics to the woman.

“Where do you want to go?” “What do you want to do?” — says a man without a plan. In all fairness these are common questions men ask to find out what a woman is interested in. However … “Are you available Friday night for dinner at 6pm and then live music downtown from 8-10pm?” — sounds like a man with a plan.

The difference between a man with a plan and a man without a plan boils down to effort and initiative. Sure many dates are jointly planned — some dates are spontaneous with no concrete plans — but for first-date courting, a man who takes the initiative to plan the date, and the effort to implement the date, speaks volumes … sounds like “that’s logistics.”

When it comes to dating: Do you prefer a man with a plan? 


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  • Bekah

    A man with a plan makes my lady parts quiver. I usually function as the person who makes the agenda/itinerary amongst my friends. It gets old. And if something f**ks up, the planner gets the brunt of it. To have a man do that for you and all have to do is make sure your beautiful self shows up, a gazillion brownie points for him. Spontaneity is nice too but there’s nothing like the (rare) dude who put some thought into you and what you’d like.

    Oh and having a plan doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good plan. I have definitely turned down going out with a guy and straight up told him “I don’t like your choices.” Don’t be afraid to say the same ladies.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    Not registered email ROFL!!! There needs to be a male version of the book “He’s just not into you” for real. Wowzers.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    @ Downsouth transplant (registered mail). Love ya’ll Clutch so I’m not going to complain about my replies ending up whereever … all Willy Nilly and stuff :)

    I do love a man with a plan. Total turn-on as long as he doesn’t go overboard and wanna synchronize watches and stuff. Gotta live a little too. I haven’t been out on a real date in a hot minute … *la sigh*