Is there a celebrity fragrance you actually like? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. I remember enjoying the scent of Sean John “Unforgivable” for a summer and Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Lovely” stays in my rotation. But there are so many more celebrity fragrances I simply detest.

Rihanna’s “Reb’l Fleur” was one of the most disappointing scents I’ve smelled before, right behind Gwen Stefani’s “Harajuku Lovers Baby” and Mariah Carey’s “M by Mariah Carey.” The dizzying scent of Usher’s namesake unisex fragrance was enough to send me to the mall bathroom scrubbing my wrist for dear life. Each of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé’s fragrances came in pretty packages, but were uninspiring to say the least. And there are a ton more three-quarters full bottles of celebrity fragrances where that came from.

It seems the makers of celebrity fragrances eschew the need for a decent scent and instead, put extra time into their marketing plan. There’s an extravagant photo shoot, a sexy commercial and sometimes, even a launch party. But there’s rarely a good product to go along with it.

What’s worse is every celebrity is suddenly a fragrancier. They’ve all jumped on the fragrance hustle, translating five seconds of fame into an excuse to put a lackluster scent on the market.

Mama Jones seems to be making fun of it all, with her new scent “PumKásh,” which is a combination of the words PumPum and Cash. You read that right. See the commercial below:



If Mama Jones’ “PumKásh” is really just a clever satire of the over-saturated celebrity fragrance market, I’m all for it. However, if she is serious, I say it is grounds to end the celebrity fragrance business altogether.

What say you, Clutchettes and Gents? Are you over celebrity fragrances for good?


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