Judge Joaquim Barbos just became Brazil’s first black judge to preside over the country’s high court. The 58-year-old was nominated by his fellow justices, and rose through the ranks after being born into a poor family and overcoming tough odds.

Judge Barbos joined the Supreme Court in 2003 when he was appointed by then President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Although two mixed-race judges were already on the high court, Barbos’ appointment was a coup for black Brazilians because  he was “widely recognized as a black man”.

Although Brazil has the largest population of black people outside of Nigeria, Barbos said his position on the court sends a powerful signal to black Brazilians.

“This act has great significance, as it indicates to society the end of certain visible and invisible barriers,” he said of his appointment to the court.

As black Brazilians continue to struggle to gain equality within a country that both celebrates their traditions and minimizes their roles in sociality, Barbos’ accomplishment is a great sign for Brazil as it continue to grapple with its racial identity.

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  • elle

    Now this is great news!

    • Downsouth Transplant

      here here:)

  • Finally! And still, the racism is screaming in a lot of comments that people make about him here in Brazil. On social network there are a lot of jokes involving his name because of his positioning and leadership in the corruption trial of the “Mensalão” scandal, but mostly there is nothing funny about it. Around here we are doing baby steps… and sometimes just things walk backwards all off a sudden anyway. =/

  • Anthony

    Congratulations to Justice Barbos!