I friggin’ love LOVE false lashes! Not the lamb chop lashes. The kind of false lashes that appear as if you spent 1 hour creating perfection with your lash primer and mascara in the mirror. You may have contemplated getting semi-permanent false lashes at the salon but chickened out. There’s nothing wrong with using false lash strips to create an enhanced daytime flirty lash.

Here are a few options that don’t require much of a commitment:

Sassi 747S  – These 100% human hair lashes have just enough density and fullness with a little wisp on the tips. Adding a little mascara at the base of the lash line creates a little more drama. You may have to cut some of the outer portion in order for the band to fit on your lash line.

Ardell 65012 Invisiband Demi Wispies  – Available in black and brown, this style has a fantastic natural look that flares out slightly on the outer half of the band. The actual band fits comfortably on many different eye shapes.

Red Cherry #DW Black – The ultimate wispy false lash that offers a low-maintenance appearance with a hint of “are you flirting with me?”. You may want to add a coat of mascara but they look perfect without it.

– Alana Wright

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  • dirtychai

    I’m loving these style tips that have shown up lately.

  • i hate those dumb looking eyelashes sticking out from sisters faces.
    please, it is not cute.

    • Billy Paul

      Billy Paul agrees with JFP, please stop playing yourselves, ladies.

      Personally, it’s hard to walk around with a Colored woman that has a perm, fake nails, and fake eye lashes. Actually, that particular sister just looks fake, cheap, and unclassy.

    • __A

      A lot of women wear false lashes. If done right, you never notice. You just think they have amazing lashes. I’m not a fan of fake nails, but many women don’t even wear them nowadays especially not the long ones like Rihanna had.

      As for the perm, I wear my hair natural. A lot of men aren’t really feeling natural hair. Or they think it’s cute but think straight hair is sexy. People act crazy when I straighten it, so I don’t think that many men care about perms maybe weaves but not relaxed hair.

      I don’t do any of those things, but I have seen many women wearing these things who look nice. I don’t think Oprah Winfrey or Tyra Banks look cheap and unclassy, and they do all of those things except the nails.

    • Billy Paul


      I personally think that Oprah and Tyra have a look that is arguably some what odious, but I’ll entertain your comment.

      Even if I were to concede your point and agree that the above noted women do not look “fake, cheap, and unclassy,” that particular point may be deemed irrelevant when discussing Colored women that wear perms, fake nails and eye lashes in the aggregate.

      Specifically, use of specific examples to counter an argument that focused on the aggregate may arguably be deemed a logical fallacy.

      Furthermore, the plethora of dislikes to my original comment can arguably be seen as a reflection of the intellectual culture (or lack thereof) that Colored women that wear perms, fake nails, and fake eye lashes subscribe to. I am not the least surprised.

      Carry on.

    • JN

      I think that when eyelashes are done well, it will appear as a natural part of a woman’s look. You have probably seen women who you thought looked beautiful and happened to have false eyelashes.

    • please, no false nothing……

    • Billy Paul

      Billy Paul concurs with JFP.

    • Pseudonym

      I agree! I can understand wanting a drag-esque dramatic effect for a New Years party, Carnivale, or something like that, but other than that, I don’t think this false eyelash craze looks good 99% of the time.

      But of course, do what you do b/c it’s your face, not mine!
      (Just keep make sure you don’t mess up your real lashes!)

    • NB

      Are you overweight?

    • Fantastico

      @Billy Paul please don’t use the word “Colored” to refer to black women or men it’s 2012. There was a collective effort to put that to rest please don’t resurrect it.

      As for the lashes, I don’t wear them personally, but they can be cute when applied correctly. I have nothing against them.