Are yall buying this “in love with two people at the same time” rhetoric? Wyclef made the claim a week ago when he revealed he had an extramarital affair with Lauryn Hill and now, Chris Brown is opening up on his simultaneous love for ex-girlfriends Rihanna and Karrueche in a documentary style video.

To me, it’s reminiscent of the “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” mentality of yore in that it allows said player to shirk responsibility for their actions. Back then, it was “the game” we should be mad at. Now, it’s the player’s heart that’s to blame, not them.

They can’t help it if they’re attached to more than one mate, and it just eats them alive and tears at their heartstrings while they juggle both relationships at the same damn time. *Insert sarcastic snarl.*

That’s not to say it’s impossible to love more than one person. I have love for all three of my exes, but when in a committed relationship with a partner, I focus my attention squarely on that person. My friend recently suggested that cheating is a character issue and I agree. Even when you feel love for an ex, cheating on your current beau is dishonest, selfish and immoral. That’s why I won’t engage in it.

Furthermore, if you’re in love with everybody and their Mom, why are you in a relationship in the first place? Maybe being single, as Chris currently is, and developing “friendships” with both parties would make more sense. At least it removes the element of betrayal and deceit.

Having feelings for two people doesn’t give you a pass to cheat on one while in a relationship with another.

What’s your opinion, Clutchettes? Is the concept of “loving two people at once” just an excuse? Does it give people a pass for cheating?

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