It was just last month when Apple unveiled its newest iPhone, the iPhone 5. With speculation and tech gossip looming for months, the new iPhone quickly became the must-have gadget for Apple fans worldwide. “I feel the need to be the best,” said Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, in a conversation after the event announcing the new device, the iPhone 5. Even before the phone hit the stores, pre-orders were mounting and on the official release day, people camped out in front the stores.

That was only a month ago.  Today, Apple has sent out exclusive invitations announcing an event for October 23rd at California Theatre in San Jose. The invitation as usual was vague and gave very little information. The invitation says, “We’ve got a little more to show you.” No other information was given, besides driving directions. But of course, you probably won’t have lucky using Apple Maps to get there.

The speculation swirling around the tech sites seems to think there’s a iPad mini on the way.  Rumor has it, that tablet would boast  a 7.85-inch screen and run on iOS 6.0. The new iPad mini, could serve up some stiff competition to the new  7-inch Kindle Fire HD, the Nexus 7, and Nook HD.

The October 23rd product event unveiling is purely speculation, but that’s how Apple works. Building momentum, with the element of surprise. But does the world need another Apple product? Considering the iPhone 5 isn’t that much smaller than the speculative iPad mini, aren’t they practically the same? And lets talk about price? Apple isn’t known for its affordable pricing, so this could possibly be another $400 plus item.

Are you looking forward to the Apple announcement? Would you buy an iPad mini?

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  • The Comment

    I’m a Ride Or Die chick for Apple and this is why.

    Waay back when you kids were watching Kid and Play cartoons…..teenagers like me were in school learning about this wonderful personal computer technology that would land us good jobs working for IBM. We imagined ourselves walking into work wearing Donna Karen from head to toe. Holy chit!!!!!! Press shift-alt-Del just to move a paragraph>>>>>>>peace out! I mean I passed the class and all but I should have earned a certificate in programming, since that is what we were really learning.

    Fast forward to today; touch, drag, copy, paste; Tah dah! All thanks to Apple.

    Steve Jobs in all his, hands on make it easy for dummies approach, revolutionized the pc so much that anyone who uses a MAC never—–NEVER EVER EVER goes pack to pc. The Bay Area is not religious but I will argue that there is a cult called MAC users, for which I am a proud member since 2002.

    Computers were hard to work before Apple came along and re-invented itself. Jobs made you feel that you were one with the circuits. Finally you controlled the machine.Not the other way around.

    So if Apple came out with a line of sanitary napkins I’d buy it.

    • “anyone who uses a MAC never—–NEVER EVER EVER goes pack to pc”

      my next machine will be a six core intel PC running windows 8…..

  • no, the only thing I have from apple is my ipod the other stuff is a hit and miss with me.

  • C

    I’m not a fan of Apple. I have had Apple products in the past, and currently have an iPhone. I haven’t been blown away, yet.