It’s been a long time since BET had a news program that tackled politics, community issues, pop culture, and the important issues many wanted them to discuss. But the drought is over.  Tonight, the network premieres its nightly news roundtable, Don’t Sleep, with former CNN anchor T.J. Holmes.

The show—which is partly written by CLUTCH’s own Editor-at-Large Danielle Belton—promises to “give you a good reason to stay up late.”

Peep the show’s description:

A fresh new voice joins the ranks of Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and Bill Maher. T. J. Holmes gives you a good reason to stay up late with Don’t Sleep. With hilarious “correspondents”, T. J.’s sure to have viewers rolling with laughter over the absurdity of today’s hot-button issues.

Speaking through a unique and smart African American filter, T.J. invites the community to wake up on the issues that affect them; don’t sleep on the stories that mainstream news outlets won’t cover. The show will also open ears with captivating, unexpected musical performances.

Don’t Sleep reports with keen focus to keep Black America engaged and in the know. T.J. takes off his tie and rolls up his sleeves — this is not your mama’s late-night talk show.


Don’t sleep begins airing tonight at 10 p.m. on BET. Will you be watching?

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  • chanel

    Watching now and its pretty good. I think a 30 min. Segment is too short.Ive never watched tds or any of the others so im interested in hearing abt our news and issues that are relevant to me.

  • it was boring to me.

    they did not go deep enough or sharp enough.
    just like every other black show that fails.

    we got to step our game up.

  • Mina

    It was pretty interesting but I agree. They didn’t go too deep on the subjects. They would brush up on it and joke about it, but then move on to the next topic. I think this show should be at least an hour long. I want it to be engaging, entertaining, interactive, and informative.