No makeup, no hair cuts, no jewelry and no pants. Apparently, in the Apostolic faith, this is the dress code of Jesus. A person that started out in a Pentecostal church, as a kid, I’m quite familiar with some of these“rules”. But I didn’t realize people were following them with such fervor nowadays. Tiffany Huba, co-editor of Apostolic Girl, gives a rundown of what a true Apostolic woman should dress like. In her own version of “What Not To Wear”, she extols the bible verses that corroborate with her attire suggestions.

Personally, I don’t know any Apostolic women, so I can’t say that I have a frame of reference when it comes to how they’re dressing nowadays. But, I do know once we broke from the Pentecostal church and were allowed to wear jeans and pants while attending a non-denominational church, I said hallelujah.  Sure the bible tells people to do a lot of things. Of course people pick and choose which they want to abide by. But could I go without wearing pants, makeup or jewelry? No ma’am.

Do you think there should be a dress code when it comes to Jesus and the denomination of a church?

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  • Mo

    I have no overall issue with people believing whatever they choose and following the behavior guidelines of their religions because, generally, no one forces you to follow a religion.I will admit,though, I sometimes question the rationale behind these beliefs. Such as the wearing of pants by women.
    Every time I ask someone who is of one of these faiths about why women don’t wear pants, they make the comment about not wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. So I point out that in the actual time of Jesus both men and women wore similarly styled caftans/dresses, so why can’t women wear pants today? The only explanation I ever receive is “that’s different”.
    To me it seems the same in that what was considered masculine and feminine was dictated by the styles of the time. Like today women wear women’s pants. I respect the beliefs of others, but I personally feel like my God doesn’t care if I wear pants or jewelry.

  • Cocochanel31

    I say whatever you do do it in modesty. No need for body parts to be showing or wearing club attire. Christianity is the only religion where people can go into a House of Worship looking any type of way. The Bible even says women are to cover their head inside the temple ( as in most religions) but most of us no longer do that. I say come as you are but remember WHERE you are and do it with some decency.

  • This whole notion that what you wear has no bearing on your Christian walk whatsoever, is completely unbiblical. While I might not agree with the exact set of standards proposed in this video, let’s not swing to the other extreme and completely ignore the passages in the Bible that DO caution women to dress modestly.

    The Bible clearly states that Christians are not to be conformed to the standards of the world around us, and that includes the way we present ourselves. We have managed somehow to construct some sort of Christian filofax, where the parts that we feel aren’t conducive to our lifestyle, we throw out, and keep the bits that make us feel good. It’s odd.