As a relationship progresses and things become more serious… going 1/2 seems to be the default. 1/2 on dates, 1/2 on vacation getaways, and in some cases 1/2 on a baby.

Imagine this:

You and your man have decided to avoid unnecessary trust issues by openly sharing the passwords to your social media accounts. To take things a step further, a mutual friend suggests the idea of you and your man having a joint account– one account shared by the both of you. That means combining your individual Facebook pages into one joint page and using one Twitter account.

Clutchettes, Would You Go 1/2 on Social Media?

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  • Ms. Write

    Why? Why is it so neccessary? I don’t even like the idea of exchanging passwords. I have no desire to get on my man’s profile or know his password. Some things in a relationship you should be able to keep for yourself.

  • Really!

    I’m totally against this. What I share with my friend I may not want to share with her boyfriend/husband. A few of my friends have done that and I promptly deleted them. You have the right to share, but i have the right to delete. It’s very lame….what happens if you breakup then what, is that a part of the divorce settlement, who own right to the account. Come on people have trust in your mate and stop subjecting your friends to idiotic bull.

  • While I’ve got no problem with password sharing with my husband, I don’t see the point of joint pages. We are two different people. I don’t need his political rants and he doesn’t need my natural hair posts lol