James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold have a few things in common. Besides being the people behind some of the most infamous shooting massacres in the United States, they are all from suburban households with two parents.

Maybe Mitt Romney forgot about these vicious individuals during the last presidential debate. Or perhaps, he just wanted to use yet another Republican scare tactic, when out of nowhere, he tried to correlate single parent households with gun violence.

As a single parent, I was left feeling offended by his assumption that eventually my son would be apart of violence involving a gun. Even as a person that was raised by a single parent, guns weren’t even something I was exposed to. As a matter of fact, I didn’t hear my first gun shot until I was 30-year-old, and living in the suburbs of Maryland. No where near an inner-city. I will be the first to say, that I believe in the right to bear arms. But I do not condone some of the practices of the NRA. The NRA that does not protect the sale of automatic weapons, nor do they care about the statistics behind the deaths of so many in the inner-cities.

Legislation was once passed banning assault weapons and their drum ammunition attachments. From 1994 to 2004, there was a Federal ban on assault weapons, but it was only in effect for 10 years. Finger pointing does not need to be done to single parents. Romney needs to point the finger at the government and legislation that allows easy access to guns and the domino effect that comes after they get into the wrong hands. Romney’s record on gun control also proves that he’s still a flip-flopper.

Campaigning for the Senate in 1994, Romney said he favored strong gun laws and did not “line up with the NRA.” But he signed up for “lifetime membership” of the NRA in August 2006 while pondering a presidential run, praising the group for “doing good things” and “supporting the right to bear arms.”

Sure there is crime, drugs, and gun issues in the inner-city, but there are also the same issues in other areas as well. These issues can fall into all types of family environments, whether it’s a single parent or two parent household. Until the government enforces stricter gun laws, gun violence will always be an issue.

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  • Keepitreal

    And those who pick up the guns that kill people are more likely to come from

    single parent homes. But go ahead and deny, deny, deny because denial has worked so well in the past.

  • This is why Romney feels comfortable saying this…. because this is always where this argument goes. The topic is GUN CONTROL. How are these weapons getting in the hands of those in inner cities? Why don’t we have stronger gun laws? What is the punishment for those who sell guns illegally? etc.

    Yes, there are plenty of black children born out of wedlock in single parent homes. That is NOT the issue at hand. When you focus on the effect and not the cause, the NRA and their cronies (romney) get away by using smoke and mirrors.

    The issue is GUN CONTROL.

  • Tkh

    If guns kill people the forks make people fat.

    A gun is an inanimate object. We need to focus on fostering a better society that will, if some chose to own them, use them responsibly.

  • Just accept the truth, single parents are ruining society.

  • moe

    Exactly, guns don’t kill people! People do! Stats don’t lie! A child is more likely to have more problems coming from a single parent home than, coming from a two parent home.