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  • hmmm…I really liiiike this song! Like a lot.

  • Zaza

    Just let me know..are there mentions of the Kardashians on this song? Will have to let it pass if so. I can’t with Kanye lately, acting like the Kardashian’s chief PR officer, no thankyou to all that.

    • Señorita

      No mention of Kim or her I didn’t sense this a an “ode to Kim” type of track. I can dig it.

  • CK

    This was nice…real nice.

    • Lem

      I agree. The PV looks awesome too.

  • That Nightlife

    This is the Kanye I know and love…

  • Mitt_Romen_Noodles

    Old school ‘Ye on that old school feel. What more could you ask for? I feel like this is old, though. Maybe it was done during the good Amber Rose days and never released because of the bad Amber Rose days.

    This track made me forgive him for Cruel Summer.

    • Señorita

      Amber Rose…that was my first thought since she was his muse for his ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album