A man was shot and killed Wednesday morning at Pastor Creflo Dollar’s megachurch in College Park, Georgia. According to reports, the man was a praise leader and was killed by a fellow parishioner.

Police confirm the man was shot at approximately 10:30 a.m. and was rushed to South Fulton Hospital in critical condition; he later died.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

Police are looking for a suspect who left the scene of the church, which is located at 2500 Burdett Road. Police are looking for a black Subaru in connection with the shooting, which reportedly occurred in the chapel where the church hosts a Bible study every Wednesday.

Karen Webb, who had taken her mother to the church for Bible study, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she was told the victim was shot six times.

“I brought my mother up here to go to church — every Wednesday she attends Bible study. As soon as we get here I’m told someone has been shot,” Webb said. “He was one of the praise leaders.” Webb said she was told the shooter was a 20-year member of the church.

While the details leading up to the shooting are still unclear, I think we can all agree that violence is rarely the answer.

*Photo via NBC 11

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  • Intercessor

    I want to say to Lisss, how could you say that as a christian you would like to see mega churches disappear when God is a mega God and wants to see a the masses won. I praise God for the mega churches that are able to accomodate all these people who needs God. Negative motives are happening in small and mega churches. We just need to continue to pray for those pastors whose motives are wrong towards the people of God. However, we as christians need to hear from God and be sensitive to his voice and get understanding of the word and used wisdom when it comes down to choosing a ministry.

    Any ministry/church operates off of finances. It is a business. Ministry is a busines. Luke stated “I must be about my Father’s business which tells us, ministry is an operation.” Partners/memners should give to their local church houses they attend tithes and offerings as the Lord commanded of us. That goes back to get an understanding of the scriptures so we can as Churches and christians can operate effectively and effeciently.
    It’s because of the lack of knowledge the people perish and are destoyed.

    We need to continue to intercede on behalf of the ALL churches great and small, Pastors and families, because these thing are happending everywhere!! The bible says to pray for those who have rule over us and those that are on the front line.

    Whatever motive or reason that this has occured, evil is still behind it.

    Keep praying!

  • sandra

    has everyone forgotten that someone lost there life today. this is a tragedy not an opportunity to degrade mega churches as Christians shouldn’t we be praying for the family of the deceased, the shooter, the shooters family, the church family and those who witnessed this TRAGEDY.

    • C

      Right. This is the wrong article to be discussing the problems of mega churches. Someone was shot and killed, and it had nothing to do with the size or negatives of that place of worship.

  • The Patient One

    How could your ‘God’ allow this to happen?

    • The Patient One

      That guy was shot and killed in a church. How can ‘God’ not watch over people in ‘His’ own house? Isn’t that a paradox?

    • Please

      That was pathetic. Spare me.

  • Fancypants

    I agree, that”s why I left the congregation that I did attend to join one where their was more emphasis on those things that you mentioned. I tried to get my old church mobilized but they just weren’t getting it.

    One thing about it is that churches can’t wipe out all of the ills of the world. There are always going to be people who reject God’s Word or just good sound advise in general. There are always going to be people who expect a hand out but aren’t looking for a way out. There’s always going to be evil, so as much good as I see my and other churches doing in the community some things just aren’t going to change. I’ve seen it in my own personal life with close friends and family members.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    @patientone “How could your ‘God’ allow this to happen?”

    There were times when I wondered the same thing when I first became a Christian. First up … I’m not going to toss around any scripture or “religious” rhetoric at you (so please keep reading) but I do want to try and offer you a practical response because its a valid question.

    MY God does not “allow” anything to happen. God can not intercede upon Man’s free will (ex. those who choose not to believe or operate by His Word have every right to do so b/c that’s part of their free will.)

    We’re not puppets or robots (most of us :) but humans with distinct personalities, feelings, emotions yada yada and God understands that. He understands we have to be willing to “yield” our free will to His spirit. He can’t force it.

    God had nothing whatso ever to do with that brotha walking into that church and taking someone’s life.

    Right now, we don’t know all of the circumstances behind this tragedy. However, there are times when our “actions” known and unknown can yield a series of consequences or reactions and God by His own law can not go against what we (as Man) have already put in motion. By no means, did that brotha deserve to die (that’s not what I’m saying) but the shooter was not operating in the spirit of God but his own personal free will.

    If you walk out of the house and decide to drive your car off the side of a mountain … God is not going to jump in the passenger seat to stop you or reach down and grab the wheel. Why? Because you made a conscious decision by your own free will. He may indeed warn you not to do it but He will not intervene. The whole “free will thing” can be a double-edged sword at times.

    Finally, God is ALWAYS watching over His people but everyone who enters into His “House” is not always of Him. Yes alot of churches are full of liars, hyprocrites, hustlers, thieves and everything under the sun but its also full of beautiful brotha and sistas who are truly trying to serve God and care for His people. Evil is everywhere but so is Good :)

    • apple

      people ask “why did god let this happen” because god is suppose to be the creator of all thats good (except devil some how?) and is in control of everything..if hes so into good then he could have stopped this..especially in his house..but people should learn that god only does what he feels like doing.. so no prayer..nothing you can do can stop bad things from happening if he doesn’t feel like stopping them..so this is probably “his will”

    • Dalili

      Well said @ Overseas_Honeybee!