Are you tired of seeing young boys (and girls occasionally) with their pants sagging? Are you tired of seeing dingy white underwear that should be covered by pants? The solution could be right in your own drawers at home. A juvenile diversion group called Take Charge, based out of Prince Georges County, Maryland, is now accepting donations of belts at 13 drop-off points in Prince George’s County.

The Pull ‘Em Up campaign was started out of community leaders frustrated by the low sagging pants worn by the teens in the area. According to the Washington Times:

Take Charge Executive Director Jerrod Mustaf said the goal of the belt drive is to “modify the culture of young people who believe it’s cool to wear the pants that are sagging.” “When we look at positive role models in our community, you don’t see any positive men dressing like this,” Mr. Mustaf said. “That should tell you something.”

Mustaf sees parents who idolize hip-hop artists sporting baggy trousers as part of the problem. “It’s so disheartening. You find a lot of parents who are younger, who watch Jay-Z on an awards show or Lil Wayne, and their pants are sagging,” Mr. Mustaf said. “Parents still listen to and adore these rappers and these musicians.”

The Pull ‘Em Up campaign has received support from many public officials in Prince Georges County. Council member  Ingrid Turner said she is backing the belt drive because of the misinformation about what is appropriate dress for work. “Many of our young people need guidance,” she said. “When pants are all the way down to the ankles and you almost walk out of your pants, that’s not professional. That’s not what we call an up-and-coming young person.”

Do you think there should be more programs like this? How effective do you think it would be?

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  • I think it is a silly drive to be honest. It isn’t like these young men don’t own or have belts (some even sag their pants with belts) so I don’t see how this can be helpful because in order for them to take pride and look respectful for themselves you have to change their mindset. You can give them all the belts they want but they have to make the change mentally.

  • Informant

    Before I read the article I guessed PG County that’s a dam shame. The county is the worst out of all the counties!