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  • Houston

    Heaven got Amy Winehouse, and we got stuck with Rick “I love it when you call me big TaTas” Ross and the rest of the Hip Hop Goonies…

  • Can i just say that I love Amy. She was truly a legend and I don’t think many people realize that. Too bad she was soo messed up but it’s prob what also made her music so good. Anyways…Her and Nas were so close. I like the vibe of this song and the pairing of two great artists

    • Señorita

      Right! Listen to ‘Me and Mr. Jones’. I stumbled upon her several years ago. Amy Winehouse was/is my girl!

    • I listen to Me and Mr. Jones practically everyday..that’s my jam! (Amy is in heavy rotation on my ipod lol) She was not only a unique and phenomenal singer, she was a great song-writer as well.