There is currently one less bus driver in Cleveland after allegedly getting in a physical altercation with a woman passenger. Yesterday a video posted on  WorldHipHop.com shows the bus driver and  woman having a verbal altercation, that soon escalated into something ugly and violent.

The video shows the girl throwing the first hit, followed by the bus driver yelling, “You’re going to jail now”. Unfortunately the incident didn’t end there.  With the arguing continuing and threats being thrown around, the girl is on the receiving end of an uppercut courtesy of the bus driver.   At one point, the driver chokes the woman and even pulls her hair.  During the ordeal, the girl ever once stops yelling and other passengers can be heard screaming, “she’s a girl.” The fight is eventually broken up by other passengers.

Although the woman did provoke the bus driver, he took it to another level. For a grown man to uppercut a young woman is just ridiculous and uncalled for. His reasoning, which is heard in the video, “She wanna be a man..I’mma treat you like a man”.

The names of neither the bus driver or the girl involved have been released, but a RTA Spokesperson released the following statement concerning the incident: We just saw this (video) today and are investigating.  Upon review of the video the driver was suspended immediately.  The investigation continues.



Recent updates were posted about the Ohio bus incident. The woman in question has been identified as Shidea N. Lane, 25. The bus driver involved has been employed with RTA for 22-years.

The RTA released the police reports on the incident, including statements by both combatants (see the full public report in the document viewer below). Hughes told RTA police that he had been assaulted by the young woman, but declined to press charges, RTA officials said. Transit Police and Beachwood Police were both called to the scene. Lane also did not file a report or charges against Hughes at the scene.”
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  • Spank

    she got what she deserved… If you watch the FULL VIDEO and not just the 45 second clip, you can see that she continued to hit and or try to hit the bus driver while the bus was in motion. She came on the bus with no money, the driver paid her fare and yet she continues to be belligerent . Sure, that might of been a tad bit excessive, but being spit on is assault and she could have made him crash the bus and injure many people..so she got what she deserved!

  • Lesa Hall

    The aggressive female happens to be 25 years of age, not a child. She should have had more respect for herself and everyone else on that bus. I don’t promote violence; however, I do promote self defense. I am a woman, and I do not believe it’s ok for us females to physically harm a man, unless he is attempting to harm us, our children, or loved ones. For some reason the judicial system here in our country pretty much so promote to women that,” it’s ok for us to strike a man, and he had better not strike back”. That is unfair to men. Just as men are expected to be the bigger person women should have that same standard…STOP THE VIOLENCE!

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    First off… men you’re probably not going to get much love in this site. But that’s the nature of the beast. Guys, this is more for you than for anyone else. Anyone else’s thoughts be damned. Listen to this bruhs… listen with your mind and your heart.

    My initial response was that his reaction was not warranted at all. While I understand his anger at her striking him first, I do not understand his lack of self-control. She’s a teenager, he’s a grown man. His best out would have been to call the police immediately.
    This was before I knew more of her story and before I read the actual police report. Now that I have far more insight into the situation my position remains the same.
    Here is the actual Police Report:
    If you read it along with the handwritten eye witness testimony given by at least 5 people on the bus you will see that it is VERY damaging towards the young woman.

    So in saying that… I know what I would have done. I would have run. That’s right, run. I’m 6’4″ and about 265lbs or so and have no fear of physical harm from this young woman but would have run my black ass ALL the way OFF the bus the minute I was attacked. If I saw her coming off the bus to continue to attack me I would have run “DOWN THE BLOCK”. She would have had to catch me at the next bus stop, which I doubt she was prepared to do. Yeah I would have been clowned the next day at work, yeah I would have had to hear the jokes about Usain Bolt the next day at work, yeah I would have even probably clowned myself the next day at work by doing the ‘Running Man’ dance or some shit BUT the operative words are ‘THE NEXT DAY AT WORK’. Now he has no next day at work as he is currently suspended.

    As an aside, I SERIOUSLY doubt that he will lose his job behind this for a few reasons:

    1. He’s a member of a City Transportation Workers Union. If you know nothing about unions at the very least you need to know that they are INCREDIBLY strong.
    2. He’s been on the job and thus in the Union for 22 years.
    3. She spat on him which initiated the assault and spitting on a City Bus Driver is the exact same as spitting on a police officer or a fireman. It’s assault and not just regular assault but felony assault.
    4. She choked him and then punched him also initiating the physical contact. Both of which are also criminal offenses… FELONY criminal offenses.
    5. She did these things while the bus was actually in gear. This is important because she can easily be charged with intent to commit hijacking and probably will be.

    Simply put there are a LOT of things in his favor including the police report that make his chances of NOT being fired favorable. Now he may never drive another bus in his life and may be sitting behind a desk until he retires but… it’s HIGHLY unlikely that he will be fired.

    The reasons that I would have run are these.

    I’m a black man in America. I’m already wrong. 3 times wrong.

    1. I’m black.
    2. I’m a man.
    3. I’m in a country that has a history of enslaving and killing black men with little remorse and for no reason in many instances.

    Knowing this I understand completely the quote in American Gangster which is “It’s not in my best interest to say this Frank, but quitting while you’re ahead, is not the same as quitting.” The only way that a black man in this country is ever even ‘possibly’ ahead is when he’s done ‘nothing’ wrong. Even then it’s iffy.

    I completely understand what this man’s rationale was. He was being attacked. He wanted to defend himself. He is a city bus driver and is not necessarily on the best route. The person was rude and disrespectful. He’s 60 so he had children her age at the VERY least. Being spat on is probably the MOST degrading thing that you can do to a person. The bus was actually moving so it scared the hell out of him I’m sure. HE was unprepared for the attack. She bullied him and attempted to embarrass him. I get it. I honestly get it. The young woman was DEAD WRONG. I get that too. That being said, you have GOT to know what your situation is. Self preservation, self awareness and survival are the order of the day. Shame on you for letting someone derail your plan. It’s not about HER it’s about you. You’re not refraining from hitting her because she’s weaker than you or because she’s smaller than you or because she’s a woman… you MUST refrain from hitting her because YOU ARE A MAN! Period.

    He KNOWS that he’s a city employee.
    He KNOWS that he’s close to retirement.
    He KNOWS that he’s got a great deal to lose.
    He KNOWS that he’s black.
    He KNOWS that he’s in America.
    He KNOWS that he’s in a country that has a history of enslaving and killing black men with little remorse and for no reason in many instances.
    He KNOWS that he cannot win here.

    He KNOWS these things. He MUST behave as such. He cannot afford to be in ANY type of situation for he typically has no help. He is an endangered species as a matter of fact so self-preservation for him is the avoidance of conflict at ALL COSTS. (This isn’t the case in EVERY instance however in this one and ones like this it’s important) As a whole our society doesn’t care about black men at all. Our society doesn’t protect black men at all. Our society actually is ‘against’ black men. Knowing this should be enough to let you know that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. He should have in no way retaliated.

    Gentlemen, I know JUST want you’re about to say, “Why is it that the man is always expected to maintain control while the woman can do whatever the hell she wants? She hit him first!” You know why? Because you’re the fucking man. Period. You either run this shit or it will get run into the ground. He didn’t run this situation and now it’s been run straight into the ground. I’m not saying it is fair, I’m just saying that it is. This incident should have never got to the point of the physical violence. The bus driver shouldn’t have been arguing with the young lady. He should have ignored her words and if she didn’t stop talking then he should have called the police OFF of the bus, case closed.

    Now about the other part about her wanting to ‘be a man’… Ladies this is EXACTLY how we think. It doesn’t matter to us not one single damn how you think that we should think… this is how we think so this is what it is. We think this way because this is exactly how it is. She was ‘trying to be a man’. Men are raised to be disposable. That’s why we must register for the draft. That’s why America’s Game is Football. That’s why we gravitate toward things that are fast and dangerous. Testosterone is a beast. Trust me ladies, you want for us to be this way because it works DIRECTLY in your favor when the cruise ship hits the big assed iceberg in the middle of the ocean and you are floating away in a life boat while my ass is freezing in the middle of the ocean playing a cello until I freeze to death or drown. Or when there is a noise downstairs in the middle of the night or when there is something high that needs to be fixed to something deep that needs to be dug or anything that’s too dangerous for your liking. These things work in your favor as often as not. That’s why our ‘play’ consists of violence. We are raised and designed to be the aggressors not for our own sakes but to protect you… but more succinctly to protect your womb. Period. Yes there is a double standard here and in most cases double standards cause someone harm. This case is no different. She did to him what a man would do to him if the driver was EXTEMELY disrespectful or it was a very stupid man. The reason that I make the caveat of stupidity in a man is that men typically don’t fight over things like this. There is too much pride and fear of losing involved in a man’s decision to fight. Something WAY over the top would have had to have happened. Also you know, I know and every other man knows that if a man did to him what she did to him that man would immediately know to prepare for retaliation.

    A quick note for the men and I’m done…

    Whether by police and law enforcement, or financial reimbursement for the dissolution of a marriage or a child out of wedlock or “insert point of conflict here”, there is a white man in every interaction and relationship that we have with a black woman and it is dictating their behavior toward us. Think about it gentlemen.

    • simplyme

      hmmm…. thanks for providing a rare intelligent male comment on this site. I don’t necessarily agree with everything you said, but at least I can see where you’re coming from.

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      Thank you simplyme. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful response.

    • Kimberley Willay-Jenkins

      She is not a teenager.

      She is 25 years old.

    • Kamari Johnson

      That’s irrelevant. She shouldn’t have been assaulting him. She got what she deserved. (And yes, I’m a woman. If I was that bus driver I would’ve given that little ratchet piece what she needed too.)

    • Kamari Johnson

      Also, I know it should like I’m disagreeing with you, but I’m not. All I’m trying to say is that if you go into the woods and provoke a bear, don’t be surprised when it chases you down and claws you to shreds. That’s exactly what happened in this video.

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      I see, Kamari Johnson, you believe that he was justified in hitting this young woman because she assaulted him. I disagree with your position. I will NEVER agree with a man striking a women just as I will NEVER agree with a woman striking a man.

    • Nicole Tasha

      She’s not a teenager, she’s 25. And your comment was a 3 pg long word document.

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      I’m aware that she’s not a teenager, I was merely giving my initial impressions and at the time I thought that she was a teenager. After I read the police report and gathered more information I was less ignorant about the situation.

    • Charles

      Are you kidding me? RUN? Its this kind of thinking that makes this young women, not a teenager think she has the right to treat people like she does. Although I think he could have used much less force as he was so much bigger than her. He should have removed her fron bus however she chose to go, on he feet or on her ass.
      And we are tired of people like you that bring race into everything. You are obviously a racist. As race has nothing to do with this story but you find a way to blame it on race and the “WHITE MAN” when will you do as the rest of us and advance on your deeds, and not on your ancesters struggles.
      You are also obviously a pacifist. Let them act as they want to just dont cause a seen. Had enough of this already.
      As for you speaking for all men I beg everyone to not think for one second this man speaks for all males, or even part of us. I think you need a reality check DUDE if you are a male.

      This was a WOMEN on a bus acting totally stupid! Has nothing to do with WHITE, BLACK, PINK OR GREEN. Has nothing to do with man vs women. This was a situation where both reacted wrong, However if I would have been the driver I would have clocked the B also. It is plane from her mouth she has no manners, Probably due to a week male figure like yourself or no father at all.

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      Thank you for your response. A few words if I may.

      It is not my responsibility to ‘teach’ this woman a lesson. I am not an arbiter of justice. I am not a vigilante. The bus driver has a job that he’s been in for 2 decades as well as a family to support. What good does it do this man to become embroiled in a verbal, much less physical, altercation with a woman who is obviously behaving irrationally? It seems as though you’re speaking with pride and I am not. I don’t care about her getting off the bus via the force of my hand. I care about my employment, the future of my family and not winning a battle that is not in my opinion worth winning.

      Regarding ‘bringing race into everything’… I did not ‘bring’ it, it was already there. I simply pointed out the obviousness of it’s presence. To call me a racist is the height for folly but because you don’t know me from a can of paint your words mean less than nothing. The fact that you insist on using logical fallacies, specifically Ad Hominem, as a plank of your rebuttal speaks volumes.

      Because an individual does not choose to engage in an altercation that would result in a pyrrhic victory at best means that this person is a pacifist? Your lack of reasoning skill is devastatingly astounding as the cause and the effect that you’ve positioned as linked are not at all mutually exclusive. This is your second logical fallacy and third false assumption in as many paragraphs. Methinks that this is going to be a waste of keystrokes.

      I’m not speaking for ‘males’ at all. I’m speaking for ‘Men’. There is a distinct difference sir and it seems that you are woefully ignorant of this fact. Men understand their power and Men understand when to use it and when not to. This was not a situation that required him to retaliate in the manner in which he did. Being a Man does NOT mean punching a person who weighs 60 lbs less than you. Being a Man does NOT mean losing emotional and physical control and placing your future and your family in jeopardy. It seems that ‘you’ are the individual who has not been raised around or by a Man. It seems sir that you have been raised by ‘males’ and your response to the actions of this young woman prove that point.

      Maybe you are white… I’m not sure… but what I saw was a young black woman in an altercation with an older black male. I’m in America, race is all around us. However it is clear that you did not read or grasp the entirety of my post because not once have I ‘blamed’ anything on race. The young woman was wrong. This cannot be and should NEVER be denied. She was COMPLETELY in the wrong. However two wrongs do not make a right. Men know this. Males, it seems, have an issue with that logic. Maybe if one day you become a Man we can have a different type of discussion regarding this topic.

      I wish you the best.

    • jaz

      Since when is 25 years old considered as being a teenager?

  • Oh trust me we all understand what your trying to say, no one other than the like minded fools are buying it. Keep that post.

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      Please elaborate. What about my post would dictate that a like minded person would have to also be a fool?

    • Kamari Johnson

      Um, the fact that your post is full of bullshizz obviously indicates that a like minded person would also be a fool. Duh. We’re living in a patriarchy, but it’s MEN who are the victims?!! Go back to your “men’s rights” meeting, we’re trying to have a serious conversation here.

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      Kamari Johnson, thank you for your reply. While I appreciate your sincerity and conviction, I’m having a difficult time determining what exactly it is in my comments that is “bullshizz”. I find a number of logical fallacies in your position, however, to keep from ‘assuming’, I’m interested in hearing exactly what it is that I’ve said that has garnered such a visceral response.

      The core of my position is that while the man was assaulted by being spat on as well as being assaulted by being choked and hit, he was wrong in retaliating in the manner in which he did. HE WAS WRONG! What exactly about that position is bullshit? I’m extremely interested in your response.

      Regarding the difficulties men face in this society, particularly black men but men in general, it is not my intent to diminish the difficulties that women face, as my post was not geared toward women, but to explain my rationale to men who think that striking the woman is OK. It is in fact NOT OK. The reason that it is not OK is that we are men. Period.

      We only diminish ourselves in our own eyes by striking an individual who poses no credible threat to us. If there is bullshit in that position I’d be interested in hearing your opinion on that as well.

      Your mention of the term ‘Patriarchy’ simply indicates that you yourself have been, at least to some degree, indoctrinated with regard to Feminist Theory which I find particularly interesting for I do not believe that we live in a Patriarchy at all.

      1. a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe and descent is reckoned in the male line, with the children belonging to the father’s clan or tribe.
      2.a society, community, or country based on this social organization.

      Origin: 1555-65; < Greek patriarchía.

      The fact of the matter is that by definition we do not live in a Patriarchy at all. I believe that the high percentage of single parent women headed households in our communities would in fact bolster my position.

      Men have double standards in their favor, women have double standards in their favor. Life is not fair. But because I am a man, a BLACK MAN, I will abide or cosign another black man striking a young black woman. It is up to us as men to have control of ourselves if for no other reason than we are men.

      I eagerly await your response.

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      That last multi-sentence paragraph should read:

      Men have double standards in their favor, women have double standards in their favor. Life is not fair. But because I am a man, a BLACK MAN, I will NEVER abide or cosign another black man striking a young black woman. It is up to us as men to have control of ourselves if for no other reason than we are men.