As the public struggled to cope with news of Whitney Houston’s untimely passing, many were disappointed to learn the Houston family decided to film a reality show. The show, “Houstons: On Our Own,” which premieres tomorrow on lifetime, was criticized for exploiting the family’s grief and capitalizing on Whitney Houston’s name.

On the eve of the show’s debut, Pat Houston opened up to BET.com about criticism that the show is inappropriate. She said:

There will be some that will have much to say — that will never stop. There will always be naysayers as it relates to what people should do. What is the timeline for anyone that wants to do something? Who do we owe our allegiance to? Do we live our lives for someone else or do we live by our own standards? We’re just a typical family, another family that is in a situation. We’re just living life one day at a time, just moving on like any other family would do.

She added: “We’ve been under the microscope for a very long time so it’s really nothing new for cameras to be following us.”

While the show seems to center on the drama surrounding Bobbi Kristina’s much-talked about relationship with Nick Gordon, Pat Houston maintains the main focus will be family.

Will you tune into “Houstons: On Our Own,” Clutchettes? Do you think a reality show was a smart move for the Houston family?

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  • There’s something about this Pat that just doesn’t rub me right. I do think she loved and cared for Whitney, but I suspect she is loving the spotlight. Not really interested in the show. I miss Whitney, but this show I’m just not feeling.

  • I did in fact tune in to the first episode. It was quite troublesome to see a sad, grieving Bobbi indulging in under age drinking, as she appeared intoxicated. Pat does appear concerned but more so about the money. A truly concerned figure would have stopped the drinking in her presence immediately. I could be wrong, different strokes for different folks, but Bobbi Kristina has something they all want “MONEY” therefore, no one is standing up to her or getting in her face about her decisions. 1. They don’t want to totally push her away, she is mourning. 2. They are afraid she may not give them a few dollars if she were to get really mad. RIP WHITNEY!